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2016 - New England Championships Boys: Team Trophy 7th, B1 7th, B2 4th, B3 8th

2016 - New England Championships Girls: Team Trophy 4th, G1 5th., G2 4th, G3 4th

2015 - New England Championships Boys: Team Trophy 2nd, B1 Silver, B2 Bronze, B3 Silver

2015 - New England Championships Girls: Team Trophy 4th, G1 Gold., G2 Silver, G3 7th

2014 - New England Championships Boys: Team Trophy 1st., B1 Gold, B2 Silver, B3 Silver

2014 - New England Championships Girls: Team Trophy 4th., G1 5th., G2 5th., G3 Bronze



To provide information and news for the Parents, Friends, and Alumni of Andover Crew.


Andover Crew Community


Some of us still use ink and paper while others use Blackberries and iPhones to communicate. You can participate with Andover crew via this web page and the links at the top of this page to our Guest book, our Facebook group (595+ members), our Twitter feed (250+ members) and our LinkedIn group (210+ members). You can also sign-up for our newsletter (2000+ alumni and parents) by contacting us at We welcome participation, comments, suggestions and especially stories and pictures of Andover rowers young and old. We are happy to help people reconnect with old boatmates.
Our LinkedIn group is our latest addition. We hope our LinkedIn group will provide the opportunity for the Andover Crew family to provide support for our younger rowers as they move into the world. Our young men and women who have maintained good grades while spending 25 to 30 hours a week on competitive rowing at the countries top colleges have already proved that would be valuable additions to any organization that wants to be successful. Membership is only open to rowers, alumni and parents.
Click on the picture to join the LinkedIn group..


News March 15th. 2017


We are back. Our rowers have returned to the mighty Merrimack for pre-school spring training at the William Brown Boathouse. Mother nature decided to add to the challenge by dumping 2 feet of snow on Tuesday and freezing up the docks that only returned to the water last week. The Boathouse is battle ready and the team has warmed up the ergs. Hopefully we will be on the water tomorrow.

We will post more news and pictures over the weekend.

We have updated the list coaches for the Spring season. Dale deserves great credit for building an outstanding group of coaches. Please click here Coaching Staff

We have posted a draft Spring Schedule, please click here 2017 Schedule. Please block out your calendar now. Everyone is welcome at the Boathouse to cheer and encourage our brave rowers.

See you by the river! Go Blue!

Following are the directions to the William Brown boathouse:

  • 620 Lowell Street, Methuen.(Use this address for you GPS.)
  • Take I-93 North or South to Exit 46 (Route 110/Route 113 toward Lawrence/Dracut)
  • Take the Lowell Street/Route 110 exit out of the traffic circle (it is the third exit if coming from I-93 north; it is the first exit if coming from I-93 south)
  • Drive straight through the first light and continue on for 1.3 miles
  • The boathouse is located on the left

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Spring Races

New England Interscholastic Rowing Association Championships

This is the day we do battle with all the other New England schools. It was a very hot day. We started with heats at 9.21 am and finished with the last final race at 5.15 pm. Our boats rowed hard and did their best against very tough competition.
Against the other 18 schools our boys results were Team Trophy 7th, B1 7th, B2 4th, B3 8th and our girls results were Team Trophy 4th, G1 5th., G2 4th, G3 4th. Congratulation to all the rowers and coaches on a great effort. We wish all our seniors the best for the rest of their lives and we know every college is lucky to have these wonderful characters in their freshmen classes. Several young alumni turned up to support the teams.

Our congratulations to the girls of Exeter for the team prize and Kent for the G1 championship and to the boys of Kent for the team prize and Salisbury for the B1 championship. I believe this is the first time ever for Salisbury winning the B1 championship.

We have posted pictures from the NEIRA Regatta.
Click on NEIRA Page 1
Click on NEIRA Page 2
Click on NEIRA Page 3
Click on NEIRA Page 4
Click on NEIRA Page 5

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7 am Senior Boat Race May 21st

This beautiful early morning was chosen for a practice race. To make it interesting the coaches used a time delayed start for each boat calculated to bring them to the finish line together. We ran two fill full races six boats across. This finishes were very exciting and competitive. The athletes were pumped and exhausted at the end. For once the all the rowers joined the coxswains in the river.

We have posted pictures from the 7 am Senior Boat Races races.
Click on 7 am Senior Boat Race Page 1
Click on 7 am Senior Boat Race Page 2
Click on 7 am Senior Boat Race Page 3

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Lower Boat Regatta May 20th

Everybody in the team contributes to the speed of every boat. To end the season for the lower boats we organized the Lower Boat Regatta. The coaches selected boats that in their eyes were as equal as possible so that it was up to the rowers on the day to see who could be the fastest. We had a four in the mix so they were given a start time advantage. We raced Heats, Semis and Finals. The coaches dressed as regatta officials and Bob was the line judge.
We celebrated with ice cream and the winners were awarded Andover Crew medals. It was fun afternoon.
Thanks to all the athletes who put in such a tremendous effort this spring and all the coaches who made it a fun growth experience.

We have posted pictures from the Lower Boat Regatta races.
Click on Lower Boat Regatta Page 1
Click on Lower Boat Regatta Page 2
Click on Lower Boat Regatta Page 3

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Exeter and Tabor Races

Pictures and videos.

We have posted pictures from the Exeter & Tabor races.
Click on Exeter & Tabor Races Page 1
Click on Exeter & Tabor Races Page 2
Click on Exeter & Tabor Races Page 3

Thanks to Maximo Blandon for these pictures please click:
Click on Exeter & Tabor races page 1M
Click on Exeter & Tabor races page 2M
Click on Exeter & Tabor races page 3M

Race videos

Thanks to Tyler Yung '20 for doing the live braodcasts of the race with his iPhone. Warning becuase these are taken with an iPhone they are rotated 90 degrees from the videos taken with the iPad. Here are links to the captured broadcasts.

B1 Video
B2 Video
B3 Video
B5B6 Video
G1 Video
G2 Video
G3 Video
G4 Video G6 Video

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St. Paul's '16 races

Tough day in the New England mist as we tested ourselves against St. Paul's and CRI. We split the boys races with SPS and took the G1 race over SPS. The powerhouse club that is CRI arrived with their trailer full of gleaming new bright red shells and gleaming rowers to match.

Our B5 rowed like there was no tomorrow against a St. Paul's boat and won by open water. Our B4 also beat St. Paul's but could not match CRI. Our B3 and B2 lost to SPS who in turn were bested by CRI. Our B1 beat SPS by open water and then some while battling CRI for every inch in the last 300 meters and were squeezed out by 1/3 of a length.
The CRI girls have set the pace in these races in recent years and this years was no exception. In the G5 to G2 races St. Paul's were the better boats by a bit more than a length and CRI were clear winners. In the G1 race our girls rowed with guts and grace to leave open water between them and SPS while going head to head with CRI for the finish line.

We have 10 days of water training for the lower boats before the Andover LB Regatta and 15 days of water to Interschols. Our coaches and rowers will make every day count to squeeze extra speed into the boats.

Perfect geometry
Dance, dance wherever you may be...
Dress variations for New England Spring
To the wire

We have posted pictures from the St. Paul's and CRI races.
Click on St.Paul's & CRI Races Page 1
Click on St.Paul's & CRI Races Page 2

Race videos

Thanks to PSPA for the loan of iPads with phone connections to do live braodcasts of the race. We lost our wireless connection on the last two races. Here are links to the captured broadcasts.

Introduction video
B1 Video
B2 Video
B3 Video
B4 Video
G1 Video
G2 Video
G3 Video
G4 Video

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Race report Hingham High, BC High, Boston Latin Races - April 30th 2016

opencomment HBCHL 16 closedcomment

Here are some pictures from the Hingham High, BC High, Boston Latin Races.
The weather was gorgous. The sun was shining, the wind was gentle and our parking lot was overflowing. The Boston schools brought the world and his wife to our races. They take their rowing seriously.
BC High is a Jesuit school of 1200 boys founded in 1865 to educate the Boston Irish. Their rowing program restarted with enthusiastic support in 2008 after an 83 year hiatus. Their school has supported rapid growth of the program and post season competition including competing at Henley Royal Regatta last year.

Seats matter
Boat lengths matter
To the river
I can fly...not

For more pictures please:
Click on Hingham High, BC High, Boston Latin Races 1
Click on Hingham High, BC High, Boston Latin Races 2
Click on Hingham High, BC High, Boston Latin Races 3
Click on Hingham High, BC High, Boston Latin Races 4

For more pictures thanks to Maximo Blandon please click:
Click on Salisbury And NMH Races 1M
Click on Salisbury And NMH Races 2M Click on Salisbury And NMH Races 3M

Race videos

Thanks to PSPA for the loan of iPads with phone connections to do live braodcasts of the race. We had two film crews taking videos. So for some races there are 2 files. Here are links to the captured broadcasts.

Introduction video
B1 Video
B2 Video
B3 Video
B4 Video
B5 Video
G1 Video
G1b Video
G2 Video
G2b Video
G3 Video
G4 Video
G4b Video
G5 Video
G6b Video

Thanks to Gus Hawley for recorded vidoes of the races loaded onto youtube. These are better quality than the broadcast versions.
List of videos for G1 and B1 races
List of videos of other boats on April 30th

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Race report NMH Salisbury races - April 23rd 2016

Here are some pictures from the NMH and Salisbury races.
The weather was good for rowing. The upstream wind gave the Mighty Merrimack a little touch of attitude especially later in the afternoon. The girls won all their races against NMH. We included the G5 and G6 in the fourth boat race and our G5 managed to come in ahead of the NMH G4.
Our Boys race NMH and Salisbury. The Salisbury B1 included four rowers who trained last year for the Head of the Charles and came in a very respectable 4th. They came in ahead of our B1 as they did last year and hopefully we will surpass them by the end of the season as we did last year. Our B2 started off the race very strong but caught a bad crab. This happens even the best rowers as Coach Finch related to me in the launch. He caught a crab on is first day rowing with the US national team. The bought fought back amazingly well and were within a boat length by the end.
Andover won the third boat race by open water. The B4 race was a mini regatta with 5 boats across the river. We have the Andover B4 and B5 racing NMH and Salisbury plus a B4 from Belmont Hill. The coach at Belmont Hill is an Andover alum. By the start of this race the wind and the river were getting a bit testy. At the end of an exciting and tough race the Belmont B4 came in fist followed by the Andover B4, then the NMH B4 followed by the Andover B5 ahead of the Salisbury B4.
And so ended the day with our first Coxswain throwing of the season. It is a centuries old tradition that a winnign coxswain is thrown into the river and today we had some wet happy coxswains. Another little step on the way to Interschols. Only days on the water make us better. Every minute on the water between now and Interschols is an opportunity to improve and go faster.

Taming the river
Sacrifices to the river God
The price of victory is not wam

For more pictures please:
Click on Salisbury And NMH Races 1
Click on Salisbury And NMH Races 2
Click on Salisbury And NMH Races 2

For more pictures thanks to Maximo Blandon please:
Click on Salisbury And NMH Races 1
Click on Salisbury And NMH Races 2

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Race reports Kent races - April 16th 2016

Here are some pictures from the Kent races.
This was our first race of the season. Tough day coming of early weeks hampered by bad weather and some illnesses working their way through the school. Strong opposition from Kent who are on their third race of the season and looking very good.
Our target is to peak on May 28th at Interschols and now we know how ferociously we will have to work over the coming weeks.

John Dent, of the Dent Oars, joined us this weekend and shared his 60 years of rowing experience with our young rowers while announcing the retirement of his trophy to be replaced by a new spectacular trophy in honor of his two close friends Hart Perry and Bill Brown. He spoke warmly of his time as a young coach at both Andover and Kent and his respect for the long history, quality and passion of both programs. John's rowing career stretches from Eton and Oxford as a student to his current role as President of a rowing club in Cambridge England.

The new Hart Perry - Bill Brown Trophy.
Smile it is racing season.
John Dent on the water.
Racing on the Merrimack.

For more pictures please:
Click on Kent Races 1
Click on Kent Races 2
Click on Kent Races 2
Click on Kent Races 3

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Older News

Fall Crew: Fall is our time to learn and improve our rowing skills. We mix and match rowers to make equal boats. We also mix boys and girls. Our goal is to have fun and create Andover rowers who will morph into Andover racers in the spring.

Spring Crew: In the spring we build racing boats. Every rower competes with every other rower to make fast boats. The more competitive our B7 or G7 then the faster our B1 or G1. Rowers move up and down the boats according to only one criteria, their ability to make boats go faster.


The 6 boatloads of racers that traveled to Oakridge TN for some preseason rowing
Go Blue
Oakridge 2016

50 years of Andover Crew

Fiona Yonkman '16 and Kit Wise '66 just off the water from a mixed 8 workout at Narragansett Boat Club.
Go Blue

Fiona Yonkman '16 and Kit Wise '66


The world of rowing

This Website is run by Parents, Friends and Alums of Andover Crew to inform and involve parents and alums in the Andover Crew program.

The FALL crew season is the time for fun. Many new students have never been in a rowing boat. The experienced and novice students are mixed together in a process that starts with lots of splashing and little speed through the water. The teams progress with advice and encouragement from the coaches as well as laughter and hard work from the students. Eventually every boat is powering through the water with every oar moving as though the rowers were part of one being. Students who used to run inside at the first drop of rain will soon be happily braving even snow showers for the opportunity to spend the afternoon on the river. Hard to believe? Come and see!

Your students will soon be speaking a new language. You too can learn a little more or understand their new vocabulary

Rowing requires great skill and co-ordination. Here are some extra challenges that a student can try during the school vacation. What about Sculling ?

The program has almost 150 girls and boys. They row mostly 'eights' and a few 'fours'

Everyday they are bused to and from the boathouse on the Merrimack River. There is an incredible camaraderie amongst the crew students. Maybe it is the daily bus journey, maybe the shared battle with the elements, maybe the fact that crew is a true team effort? Maybe it is just the shared experience of a few hours together away from the pressure of schoolwork? It is a pleasure to see this happy relaxed group working hard and having fun together.

Spring term is racing season. The competitive spirit kicks in as they start training for races. Andover competes against schools from all over the North East such as Exeter, Kent, NMH, St Paul's, St. John's, Tabor and others. Andover also competes at the New England Interscholastic Regatta (NEIRA) in May.

Spring is also the time for parents and friends to join in with practical help and support. The Saturday races are almost full day events with Andover fielding from 6 to 10 boats against the competition. Supporters travel to the races and provide our teams with food and drink throughout the day. If you have been to any of the races, you will know the extraordinary amount of nourishment required to support a hard racing team. The support and encouragement of the parents and fellow racers contributes greatly to the team. The races are also fun events for students and parents together. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come, even if you can only make it to one of the races. If you live far away you can make a contribution that will be used to provide the food for the races and the end of season barbecue.

Apart from the school website, this website is the primary source for information. For more interactive and immediate news we have a Facebook group "Friends of Andover Crew". For real time race results we use a twitter account called "andovecrew". We have also started a Linkedin group called "Andover Crew". Membership of these groups is open to Parents, Friends and Alumni of Andover Crew.

Over the years parents and friends have also supported the program with donations of equipment. In the past few years donations have paid for trips overseas, new ergs, new docks, launches and of course new racing boats. With up to 8 racing boats for each of the boys and girls, the hand-me-down boats are pretty old and battered by the time they reach the lower boats even if they are passed on every couple of years. The process needs new boats every year. In recent years we have completed the fleet of launches and added new boats. We race Vespoli V1s for the higher boats and Vespoli Advantages for the lower boats. These are the fastest boats for the level skill and weight of the rowers.

At the very least, crew will allow your student to have fun, exercise, make new friends and learn a new skill. It may also be the start of a life long passion.

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Parental Support


In the Fall our duty as parents is to make supporting, understanding nods at the comments that crew is "awesome", "tough", "exhilarating" and of course pretend that we understand the new language. We must not comment on the new found appetites, tendency to dress in layers and almost complete immunity to the weather. In Spring the racing season offers a direct opportunity for parents to participate. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend the race meetings and yell "GO BLUE". The students really appreciate the loyal band of supporters to cheer them to victory. The races are exhilarating, exhausting and appetite creating and that is just for the supporters. Over the duration of the race meeting, the parents provide a hospitality table for our athletes to quench their thirst and quell their hunger after a hard race.

We can have up to 120 hungry students to feed. You would be amazed at the amount of food consumed. Our athletes are very serious about what they eat before and after a race. It appears they really listen to all the comments about healthy eating that you thought had fallen on deaf ears.
Check out what rowers should and should not eat and when
In Spring we publish a sample menu for the food table. Everyone can join in by bringing food or making a donation to purchase food.
Click here for the food menu for our race If your child has any special food requirements or preferences please have them inform us before the races and email
To make every race a fun filled success we need loads of help from parent volunteers. Parents can bring food, organize the food table, take pictures, send twitter results and even write up rce day reports for the website. Every little bit of help makes the boats go faster.
Click here for Parent Information
Click here for the sign up sheet.Parent Volunteer Sign Up

The most important thing parents can do is provide encouragement and, if possible, come to support the students at Parents Weekend in the Fall and the races in the Spring. A crew program needs good equipment to be competitive. The Andover crew program has also benefited over the past 50 years from parent and alumni donations. Much of our equipment has been acquired with these donations. Hence the funny names on the boats -- "Pete and Jerry", Cashin. Lone Star and Coach Moss. When crews have won the right to attend the Henley Regatta in London, it has only been possible with the generous donations of parents and alumni to pay for a trip that will be remembered for a lifetime.

If you would like to be on our email list please email us at

Top 7 Reasons To Be A Crew Mom/Dad

1. Cooking lunch for the kids on the team is like cooking for a small village.
2. The people from the Child Abuse Prevention Center keep calling about the cuts and bruises on the backs of your child's legs.
3. Standing in the rain and mud on Saturdays in April is much better than relaxing at home.
4. What the hell is a unisuit?
5. Your kids haven't gone to bed this early since they were two years old.
6. You can personally keep Johnson and Johnson in business by buying Band-Aids, gauze, and Neosporin for all their blisters.
7. After all these years they finally eat everything on their plate.

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The Henley Regattas

Click here for Full story on trip to Henley





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Andover Crew 2015 Photo Stories

You think we can beat Exeter? - Well we did.
push and push farther.
Looks good both ways up
Smile and you will overcome
The Warm rowers
Mud glorious mud
A good hair day
on the Merrimack
Mutual support
Pre-race snack
Ladies, win or don't come back alive.
Sometimes wet and cold is Really Good.
Smiling medalations
More smiling medalations
Smiling medalations
More smiling medalations
B1 Silver medals
The Andover Crew team
Bowls of Happiness
Dunking time

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Alumni News

Our annual Reunion Row will be at 7.30 am on June 11th. Please email if you will be coming so that we can have a rough idea of numbers. We look forward to seeing everyone from '56 to '11. Justin Yi '06 has already confirmed he will be there and I am sure Kit Wise from '66 will be there too. All alumni are welcome even it is not your reunion year.

Reading 2006

Henley 2006

Andover Crew history

Interested in the history of Andover Crew? We have now posted all the yearbooks to . Enjoy! We are still missing Yearbooks for the following years 1958, 1959, 1984,1985, 1991 and 2004.

Here are some yearbook pictures. Please see if you can guess the year and name any of the people. These are also posted on Facebook. You can email your answers to or post them in the guest book. See the "guestbook" icon on the top of this page.

With help from Hobey Birmingham '62
Boys 1963
Standing Row: Coach Bill Brown, James Pinney ‘63, Jan Askman ‘63, James Wells ‘63, John Born ‘63, Hugh Emory ‘63, Dan Eubank ‘65, Gib Vincent ‘63, Gordon Hardy '63
Front Row: Paul Hoffman ‘63
With help from Neil Batt '82:
1st Row: E.Roche '83, P. Tipton '83, D. Mahoney '82, M Weatherley-White '82, J Doggett '83
2nd Row: T. Lameyer '82, N. Batt '82, D. Duquette '82, S. Hochman '84
With help from Struan Robertson '83:
Girls 1 and 2nd 1983
1st Row: Rachel Moscarella '83, J. Gillivray ;84, Rachel Simons '83, Carolyn McGowan '83, ?
2nd Row: Thayer Tolles '83, E Stier '83, Donna Hoitsma '83?, Betsy Biern '84
3rd Row: L.Doucette, Susannah Hill '83, E. Crowther, L. Zuckerman '83, Elizabeth McHenry '83
4th Row: P. Canfield, S. Black '83,S. Hazelwood '85, Milisa Galazzi '84.
Boys 1 and 2nd 1983 L-R, Boys First Boat:
1st Row: Max Drake '83, Patrick Tipton '83, Geoffrey Tuller '83, Alec Hugo '83, Chris Tompson '83,
2nd Row: Jeb Doggett '83, Eamon Roche '83, Steve Hochman '84 & Bruce Trask '83,
3rd Row: Boys 2nd Boat- Art Muldoon '84, Mikkel Hermann '83, (coxswain)?, John Helmers '83, Struan Robertson '83, Peter Washburn (coach)
4th Row: Dan Miller '83, ?, Fritz Reichenbach '83, Steve Blackwell '83.
1982 G1
1st Row: P. Hager, R Moscarella '83, R. Simons '83, C. Richards '82, L. Carr
2nd Row: J. Mulvihill '82, T. Tolles'83 , E. Biemann '82, M. Durham '82

For more alumni stories click here Alumi Corner
Year Books Andover Crew


We have started digging into the history of Andover Crew.
Looking for new alumni new, please send them in if you have some to share
Here are some old pictures from Henley:

Henley boat
Three of the boat are here
1959 - First Andover trip to Henley
1959 Andover vs Thames Rowing Club

1959 Boat: Bow-Bill Taylor, 2-Chris Miller, 3-Jack Allen, 4-Renny Maier, 5-Dick Masland, 6-Art Burnham, 7-Bill Sanford, stroke-Maynard Toll (Captain), cox-Patrick Cary-Barnard. (Thanks to Bill Sanford)

We have also started a web page for the rowing entries in the Year Books from 1956 when Coach Brown founded Andover Crew. Below is the first entry from 1956. We have now posted all we have on Year Books Andover Crew
We are still missing Year Books for the following years 1958, 1959, 1984,1985, 1991and 2004. If you have a Yearbook for any of these years and are willing to scan it or send it to us to scan please email us at

1956 Year Book


Old Fashion Jump to, if you prefer


The Spirit of Andover Crew

Crew is a little different from other sports. All the students, boys and girls, everyone from varsity first boat to the sixth boat, train together, practice together, race together. Everyone jumps on the same bus for the bone-rattling trip to the boathouse. Everyone helps with the launches. Everyone shares the same cold wet days on the Merrimack. Everyone shares the same pain, the same pleasure. Everyone will have the same joy as the boat starts to sync and the speed increases. There is no individual effort. There is no individual glory. Only one boat, eight rowers, one coxswain, one shell. A racing boat.
Below is a multimedia section including a video of this year's (07) interschols, Michelle's call and video from Henley '06 and a documentary video about Andover crew made by Katherine Adams '06. Recently we have noticed people referring to Andover crew as a world class program. The shallow reason for such an accolade is probably the recent racing performance such as B1 with two silvers and a gold and G1 with three silvers in the last three New England Championships. We think the program is world class because of the spirit of Andover crew down through all 12 boats. We hope the videos below will help you visit again with the spirit of Andover crew.

Interschols '07 Video


Click the links below for Interschol video thanks to Jim Moroney.
Click here for Interschol video part 1
Click here for Interschol video part 2
Click here for Interschol video part 3

Abingdon Race Henley '06 - Michelle's Coxswain's Call: You can feel the spirit as you listen to this race from Henley '06. Abingdon, one of the top English schools, used their fantastic start to take an early lead of over a boat length. Lesser crews would have crumbled. Andover clawed back into the race and then pulled off a tremendous sprint to take the victory.


Click the CONE for a video combination of the coxswain's recording and the TV recording of the Abingdon-Andover race. The video will start with a photograph of the team racing at Henley. The TV footage from will appear for the last 500 meters.

Andover Crew video: Katherine Adams created this Andover crew video in the Spring of '04. As you watch this movie I think you will appreciate that Andover Crew is something very special. We have split the movie into four parts to make it easier to play and download. Please click on the link and it will play using Media Player. You may also right click on each part to download the four files and then use the 'open' command under 'file' to select all four to play as a group.
Andover Crew Video Part 1
Andover Crew Video Part 2
Andover Crew Video Part 3
Andover Crew Video Part 4
Courtesy of Katherine Adams '06

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General Information



Coach Dale Hurley Director of Andover Crew.

Dale joined us in 2006 and has been a inspiration to our young rowers ever since with his famous launch cry of "What do you do when you are not having fun?" "PULL HARDER". He came to the program with coaching experience at Blair Academy, University of Pennsylvania, University of Tennessee, and the US Naval Academy built on top of a successful rowing career that included being a 5 time member of the U.S National Lightweight Rowing team. This past 3 years he ran a very enthusiastic girls program that improved their Interschols results each year culminating with winning Interschols on 2015.
The goal is to inspire happy rowers to learn to row in the fall and win the New England Championship in the spring. We all wish Dale and his team every success.

Dale is the Head Coach for the boys and Ellen is the Head Coach for the girls.

Coach Ellen Minzner is a two-time World Champion in the Lightweight Women’s pair who as a coach has helped thousands of athletes start rowing. She has coached at Wellesley College, Kansas State University, and the University of California at Berkeley, as well as at high school programs including the Winsor School, Greater Lawrence Rowing, and CRI where she won the Isabel Bohn Award from US Rowing, recognizing her significant achievement in providing opportunities in rowing for athletes with disabilities.

Coach Andy Finch is a BU grad who rowed there for 4 years. After graduating in 1994, Andy went on to row on the LWT National Team for 3 years 1994, 1995, and 1996

Coach Mike Grenier Most recently was head coach at Brooks school. Mike will be coaching the boys.

Coach Susan Lindholm A dedicated coach with a profound understanding of exercise physiology, Lindholm has directed men's and women's programs on all levels. She is a 1982 graduate of the University of Rhode Island where she successfully competed as a lightweight rower and coach. Lindholm has also coached at Riverside Boat Club, Boston University and most recently was Head Coach at MIT.

Coach Brendan Mackinson teaches in the Natural Sciences. Coach Mackinson is following the same path as Bill Brown in that he was a sailor who moved on to coaching Crew.

Coach Abby Perelman is originally from San Diego. She is a teaching fellow in history and a house counselor in Paul Revere. Originally a distance runner she coxed the varsity boat at Tufts University.

Coach Profile - School website

Girls' Team Captains '17: TBD
Boys' Team Captains '17: TBD

O Captain! my Captain! rise up and hear the bells;
Rise up--for you the flag is flung--for you the bugle trills;
For you bouquets and ribbon'd wreaths--for you the shores a-crowding;
For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces turning;

Walt Whitman

Coach Peter Washburn - Andover Crew 1981 to 2014

We owe a huge thank you to Pete Washburn and his wife Kit for the last 33 years. Thanks for all the boats that raced at Interschols, Youth Nationals and Henley Royal Regatta but most importantly thanks for being a wonderful coach and mentor to generations of Andover rowers and coxswains.
The pictures below are a team photograph from 1981 and a race day picture from 2013.
You will always be in our hearts.

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Training and Fun


Some guidance for the art of erging with skill and style. Read and inwardly digest this guidance and then do the complete opposite and you will have perfection!


Now that the crews are on the water, some people will be catching crabs. If you are going to do something, you might as well excel at it. Here are instructions for catching a really good crab!


You will need a mp4 player such as QuickTime or DIV/X.

For a video of a real-life ejector crab from the MIT website, thanks to Kit H. Click here

Catching a crab can be a race stopping event. Check out the youtube video from San Diego at 1 min 24 secs. Click Ejection crab

Diet is very important for all of us. Strenuous sports such as Crew add an extra dimension to diet planning. Eating properly is essential for good health. Some useful advice for rowers and parents bringing food to races can be found in this Training diet guide link. Staying healthy should be the first priority.

Crew first day on the water

cox1badrow5 badrow4badrow5 badrow2cabvas

Crew after a week with the coaches - see technique instruction


Strokes thru' the ages

I know we have many alumni who go weepy eyed at the sight of an old wooden boat and cannot believe that the feather light modern oars can propel a boat at speed. Michael Callahan of the Universiy of Washington has written an interesting article comparing the stroke used in 1949 with that of today. To see this article Click here


The 1949 boat merged with the 2009 boat

If all this exertion is too much for you and you would rather some very light training , then try simulated crew with this game for your family interesting board games.

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Spring Schedule

To live is to row, to row is to race, to race is to test the limits. NEIRA beckons.


A Call to Oars:
Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
Then imitate the action of the tiger;
Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,
Disguise fair nature with hard-favour'd rage;
Now set the teeth and stretch the nostril wide,
Hold hard the breath and bend up every spirit
To the full height. On, on, you noblest rowers.
Whose limbs were made in New England show us here
The mettle of your pasture; let us swear
That you are worth your breeding; which I doubt not;
For there is none of you so mean and base,
That hath not noble lustre in your eyes.
I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips,
Straining upon the start. The game's afoot:
Follow your spirit, and upon this charge
Cry 'Go for myself, my family and Andover Crew!'
(Mostly from Henry V Act 3 Scene 1)
- Apologies to Will Shakespeare.

Preliminary Andover Spring Racing Schedule 2017 (Teams, times and boats may change)
Date Day Team Opponent Site Time
08-Apr-2017 Sat Boys B1-B? Brookline and Salisbury Home 1.00 pm
08-Apr-2017 Sat Girls G1-G? Brookline and Salisbury Home 1.00 pm
15-Apr-2017 Sat Boys B1-B? Kent Away 3.00 pm
15-Apr-2017 Sat Girls G1-G? Kent Away 3.00 pm
22-Apr-2017 Sat Boys B1-B? NMH Home 1.00 pm
22-Apr-2017 Sat Girls G1-G? NMH Home 1.00 pm
29-Apr-2017 Sat Boys B1-B? Hingham,BC High & Boston Latin Home 1.00 pm
29-Apr-2017 Sat Girls B1-B? Hingham,BC High & Boston Latin Home 1.00 pm
6-May-2017 Sat Boys B1-B? St. Paul's & CRI Home3.00 pm
6-May-2017 Sat Girls G1-G? St. Paul's & CRI Home 3.00 pm
13-May-2017 Sat Boys B1-B? Tabor-Exeter Home 1.00 pm
13-May-2017 Sat Girls G1-G? Tabor-Exeter Home 1.00 pm
20-May-2017 Sat Boys B4-B? Hanover Away TBD
20-May-2017 Sat Girls G4-G? Hanover AwayTBD
27-May-2017 Sat Boys B1-B3 Interscholastics (NEIRA) Away 8.00 am
27-May-2017 Sat Girls G1-G3 Interscholastics (NEIRA) Away 8.00 am
10-June-2017 Sat TBD National Scholastic Regatta Away 8.00 am
10-June-2017 Sat Alumni Reunion Row Home 7.00 am

The number of boats depends the other schools. The possible Post Season competition this year would be the National Schools Championship in New Jersey on June 11th if our boats qualify.

For past years' results go to Row2k results and enter the year.

The times listed are approximate times for the first racing boat to go on the water. The teams and supporters arrive about an hour earlier to setup for the races.


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For direction to all of our regular season away racing venues click here

Following are the directions to the William Brown boathouse:

  • Take I-93 North or South to Exit 46 (Route 110/Route 113 toward Lawrence/Dracut)
  • Take the Lowell Street/Route 110 exit out of the traffic circle (it is the third exit if coming from I-93 north; it is the first exit if coming from I-93 south)
  • Drive straight through the first light and continue on for 1.3 miles
  • The boathouse is located on the left

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Related links

We believe all of the links are working again. Please leave a message in the guest book if you have any problems with the links or if you have a favorite link that you would like us to add to our list.
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AndoverCrew on YouTube

This is a list of Andovercrew videos on YouTube by various contribitors in no special order.

Oscar Tang: Andover Life
Abingdon-Andover Henley06
Ian Sigal -- Work Ethic
Ian Sigal -- Team Mates
Ian Sigal -- Goals
2011 NEIRA B1 Final
2011 NERIA G1 Final
2011 NERIA B3 Final
2011 National Championships
2011 National
2011 NEIRA G2 heat
2011 NEIRA B2
2011 NERIA G1 heat
2011 NEIRA G2 Final
2011 NEIRA B1 Heat
2011 NEIRA B2 Final
2010 NERIA Trophy presentation
2010 Interschols Luc goes swimming
2010 Interschols Girls G1
2007 Henley Women's Regatta

We have added video thanks to Joe Bouscaren. They are on Youtube as well. Search Andover B1 Neira. You can click on them to play if this is jumpy or slow then you can right click and download them to your computer and play. They are MP4 format and can be viewed with a free player from
Click on Interschols Race video B1
Click on Interschols Race video B2
Click on Interschols Race video B3
Click on Interschols Race video G1
Click on Interschols Race video G2
Click on Interschols Race video G3
Click on Row2k Article
Click on Andover Crew video with natural sound
Click on Andover Crew video with music

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Andover crew Hats - THE definitive fashion statement this Spring

We have re-ordered Andover Crew hats. Every rower and coach will get a free hat before Grandparents' Weekend. Over 130 hats. Additional hats have been purchased for parents, friends and alumni of Andover Crew. These hats are available for a donation of $20. Wear your hat when you visit the campus to show your support for the crew program. When we reach a 150 donations, we will have covered the cost of the hats for the rowers.
If you would like a hat please email We will email you donation instructions. The hats are lightweight with a built in sweat band.:

Andover Crew Hat - front
Andover Hat - back

We also have a small quantity of dark blue and light blue visors for $10.

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