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2014 - New England Championships Boys: Team Trophy 1st., B1 Gold, B2 Silver, B3 Silver

2014 - New England Championships Girls: Team Trophy 4th., G1 5th., G2 5th., G3 Bronze


2013 - New England Championships Boys: Team Trophy 2nd., B1 6th, B2 Bronze, B3 Gold

2013 - New England Championships Girls: Team Trophy 5th., G1 9th., G2 Bronze, G3 5th


2012 - New England Championships Boys: Team Trophy 1st., B1 Gold, B2 Gold, B3 Gold

2012 - New England Championships Girls: Team Trophy 6th., G1 11th., G2 6th., G3 Bronze


2011 - USRowing Youth National Championships Boys: Silver Medals

2011 - New England Championships Boys: Team Trophy 1st., B1 Gold, B2 Bronze, B3 Gold,

2011 - New England Championships Girls: Team Trophy 4th., G1 Bronze, G2 5th, G3 Bronze



To provide information and news for the Parents, Friends, and Alumni of Andover Crew.


Andover Crew Community


Some of us still use ink and paper while others use Blackberries and iPhones to communicate. You can participate with Andover crew via this web page and the links at the top of this page to our Guest book, our Facebook group (430+ members), our Twitter feed (150+ members) and our LinkedIn group (185+ members). You can also sign-up for our email newsletter (2000+ alumni & parents) by contacting us at We welcome participation, comments, suggestions and especially stories and pictures of Andover rowers young and old. We are happy to help people reconnect with old boatmates.
Our LinkedIn group is our latest addition. We hope our LinkedIn group will provide the opportunity for the Andover Crew family to provide support for our younger rowers as they move into the world. Our young men and women who have maintained good grades while spending 25 to 30 hours a week on competitive rowing at the countries top colleges have already proved that would be valuable additions to any organization that wants to be successful. Membership is only open to rowers, alumni and parents. Click on the picture to join the LinkedIn group..


News July 20th. 2014


Coach Peter Washburn - Andover Crew 1981 to 2014

We owe a huge thank you to Pete Washburn and his wife Kit for the last 33 years. Thanks for all the boats that raced at Interschols, Youth Nationals and Henley Royal Regatta but most importantly thanks for being a wonderful coach and mentor to generations of Andover rowers and coxswains.
The pictures below are a team photograph from 1981 and a race day picture from 2013.
You will always be in our hearts.

Summer Racing

Congratulations to all of our rowers on making the finals at Club Nationals with Cambridge Rowing Club and Saugatuck Rowing.

Boat Fundraising

We had a fantastic spring racing season and now we are sliding into summer.
We need to prepare Andover crew for next year. While we were asking the Andover family to donate funds for the new boathouse over the last few years we had to let the equipment budget slide a bit.
Now we are fully operational in the boathouse. This spring we were racing 7 boys and 6 girls’ boats. We needed to ask for help refurbishing the fleet.
We made a priority list that included the last of the wakeless launches, 2 Vespoli Advantages for the girls and a new boat for B1. Cathy Rasenberger volunteered to lead the fund raising from the parents over the spring. She has been gloriously successful collecting commitments from 54 parents to cover all but the last $7,000 to pay for the second girls’ boat.
So to close out our fund raising for the year we need to find some friends of Andover Crew to complete the funds so that we can order the boats for fall delivery.
If you would like to help please email or Hillary D Repucci at . If you have any questions please call Sam Darby.

Andover Crew video


Last home race day thanks to Ann Cavanaugh.
This is a very large Quick Time (.mov) file. Click on the picture to play the file. If your link is a bit slow the it might stop. Just click on the arrow in the bottom left hand corner to make it continue to play. You can download the video by right clicking on the picture and doing a "save link as". It will take about 20 minutes to download depending on your network speed. Once downloaded you can play it with Quick time

Andover Alumni at the World Cup in France

Caroline Lind '02 and Liv Coffey rowed for the USA. This is a link to the USA W8+ winning gold at the world cup. All these women raced in smaller boats in the morning. Caroline strokes this boat in an amazing race. Click on USA W8+ Amazing race

Added links to NEIRA results and team captains for 2015.
Congratulations to our new co-captains Elizabeth & Qiqi for the girls as well as Ben and Marc for the boys.

New England Interscholastic Rowing Association Championships May 24th.
Congratulations to all our coaches, coxswains and rowers today on races well rowed. The results today were a credit to the team at Lake Q. and all the lower boats back home.
Our girls program has suffered from the loss of Kathryn Green after her G1 boat won Interschols in 2010. This year Coach Dale Hurley had started rebuilding the program and today the team results were: Team Trophy - 4th, G1 - 5th, G2 - 5th, G3 - Bronze. These are improved results over previous recent years. We hope and expect to continue this trend and return to the Andover standard of being in the medals every year.
We discovered at Christmas that Peter Washburn, our beloved coach for the past 30 years, would not be with us for the spring season. We made an urgent appeal to Coach Stewart MacDonald. Stewart's daughter coxed for Peter until 2013 and his wife Tia '79 rowed at Andover. Stewart agreed to coach the boys this spring.
The boys "got it done" in style today. Other boats were faster off the start in the B1 race but after the first 500 m Andover walked on them and then continued to storm down the lake to win. B2 and B3 took silver in their races to lock up the Team Trophy for the third time in 4 years.
All in all a great race day.

It has been a fun season. Our lower boats were fantastic. Most of them undefeated by other schools. They pushed our top boats, made them better. Thanks to the coaches, coxswains and rowers of these lower boats, our top boats were driven to do better. Thanks also to our managers, many of them wounded rowers. Thanks to all the supporters who have helped make the races more fun. And thanks to Bob the bus driver and dock master.

Click on Row2k Article

If anyone has pictures or video from this season to post on the website please email

Coach Jigger Herman has captured these video over the last two weekends - enjoy.
Click on Andover Crew video with natural sound
Click on Andover Crew video with music

Keeping the boats afloat.

A warm thank you to everyone who has committed to help to raise funds for the last wakeless launch. Thanks Cathy Rasenberger for her gentle support in raising the funds. Cathy is now working on the sets of boats, oars and cox boxes we need for the girls’ program. With the school and parents working together we can create the program where the athletes can have fun and win.

Over the fall and early spring our boats have had their share of bumping into flotsam, other boats and the docks. The flotsam is difficult to void in the spring swell of the Merrimack but should reduce as the river flow diminishes, the other boat bumps and docking issues should reduce as our coxswains learn to be skilled coxswains and the scratching on the docks should diminish as the rowers learn to launch and retrieve a boat on the river without the boat touching the dock.
To keep our boats ship shape we have been fortunate to arrange part time help of Rick Schroeder, a legend on the Charles River. Rick was a very successful rower for the Northeastern Huskies and Riverside Boat club and has been the resident boatman for the Huskies for about 14 years. His repair work on our boats is a pleasure to behold and a work of beautiful artisan-ship. Despite the best efforts of Rick we still have to renew some of our fleet every year.
Our boats have names such as Pete & Jerry, Bob Moss, Lone star, Melrose, Dauntless, Endeavor and Mytilene. The last one is named to commemorate an epic Greek rowing event. The range of names reflects the range of donors for these boats. We used to hand boats down from the first boat to the lower boats. If we bought one new boat every year for the boys and girls then the lower boats would be using 8 year old boats. Some of our boats are older than this. Our top boats race Vespoli V1s. In recent years on the boys’ side we race Vespoli Advantages for B3 and lower.

At this point we need a new V1 for the boys and a couple of Advantages for the girls. When we buy a boat we also buy the oars and the cox boxes to support it. The boats will cost $30,000 to $36,000, the oars $3,000, the cox box $600. If you are interested in help with a donation or fund raising please contact Cathy at email Cathy at or Hillary Repucci, Director of Parent Giving, by email and phone 978-749-4286 or Sam Darby by email at or 978-975-4152.


The new race course to provide 4 lanes across


Februrary 2nd. The William Brown Boathouse from across a frozen Merrimack River.
March 10th. The William Brown Boathouse from across a roaring unfrozen Merrimack River.

March 20th. The docks are back on the Merrimack River. The water might still be a tad chilly :-)


Andover Crew on local Methuen TV

To see Coach Washburn and the boathouse on Methuen local TV please click on Andover Crew broadcast

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NEIRA (Interschols) '14


Pictures by Mireille Roberston Click on Interschols Races by Mireille

We have posted 800 more pictures from the Interschols thanks to Lisa.
Click on Interschols Races Page 1
Click on Interschols Races Page 2
Click on Interschols Races Page 3
Click on Interschols Races Page 4
Click on Interschols Races Page 5
Click on Interschols Races Page 6
Click on Interschols Races Page 7
Click on Interschols Races Page 8

We have posted pictures from the Interschols.
Click on Interschols Races Page 1
Click on Interschols Races Page 2
Click on Interschols Races Page 3
Click on Interschols Races Page 4
Click on Interschols Races Page 5
Click on Interschols Races Page 6

We have added video thanks to Joe Bouscaren. They are on Youtube as well. Search Andover B1 Neira. You can click on them to play if this is jumpy or slow then you can right click and download them to your computer and play. They are MP4 format and can be viewed with a free player from
Click on Interschols Race video B1
Click on Interschols Race video B2
Click on Interschols Race video B3
Click on Interschols Race video G1
Click on Interschols Race video G2
Click on Interschols Race video G3

Click on Row2k Article

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Shrewbury, Hinghan'14 races


We have posted pictures from the team dinner and the Hingham & Shrewsbury races.
Click on Hingham and Shrewsbury Races Page 1
Click on Hingham and Shrewsbury Races Page 2
Click on Hingham and Shrewsbury Races Page 3
Click on Hingham and Shrewsbury Races Page 4
Click on Hingham and Shrewsbury Races Page 5
Click on Hingham and Shrewsbury Races Page 6

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Exeter-Tabor '14 races

This weekend May 10th Andover, Exeter,and Tabor competed for the "David Swift Points Trophy" that is awarded to the team that performs the best in the top 4 boats in both girls and boys races. For second year in a row the Trophy competition was a tie between the Andover and Exeter teams. Thanks to Exeter, Tabor and NMH for a great day of racing.

The big surprise today, at least for the Exeter coaches, was the B1 boat race where Andover went from 7 seats down at Lake Quinsigamond 3 weeks ago to 7 seats up on the Merrimack today. Exeter will go back and find ways to go faster but Interschols will be interesting


We have posted pictures from the Exeter and Tabor races.
Click on Exeter and Tabor Races Page 1
Click on Exeter and Tabor Races Page 2
Click on Exeter and Tabor Races Page 3

For results of the races with Exeter, Tabor and NMH please
Click on Results for Girls
Click on Results for Boys

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St. Paul's '14 races

St. Paul's have a wonderful old world boathouse with a racecourse on a channel between Turkey Pond and Little Turkey Pond. Rowing is not a great spectator sport but the water channel at St. Paul's provides one of the best spectator vantage points to watch a race. You can almost reach out and touch the boat in the nearest lane. Our own Kathryn "Luc" Green who coached at Andover for many years is now a crew coach at St. Paul's. St. Paul's was one of the founding schools of the New England Interscholastic Rowing Association more than 60 years ago. Also racing with us was Community Rowing Inc. or CRI. Normally the St. Paul's weekend is the weekend when the black flies come out in New Hampshire. One of the benefits of an otherwise difficult winter this year is that the black flies did not appear. We had a warm dull afternoon with light winds. Ideal rowing weather. We raced 6 boys' boats. All the boats turned in relative race times that were expected. All the boats showed improvement over the previous week. All the races except the B1 race followed a pattern with Andover winning followed by CRI and St. Paul's coming third. In the B1 race, CRI and B1 battled it out on the water. As they rowed by you could see the strain in the muscles and the bending of the oars. CRI scrapped out a victory of 0.1 seconds. So so close. On the girls' side G5 raced CRI winning by a solid boat length. G4 raced both CRI and St. Paul's and also won by a length. In the higher boats CRI came into their own. In the G3 race CRI were a length ahead and Andover was a similar distance in front of St. Paul's. In the G2 race, CRI again had the lead and Andover and St. Paul's had a very close battle to the line with Andover taking the victory by 0.5 seconds. In the G1 race there was significantly more space with CRI winning and G1 coming in with open water over St. Paul's. Overall a strong victory over our NEIRA rival and a good showing against a very strong CRI team. The prize for the best coxswain toss goes to B2 this week. We have been fortunate this year to have the competition to support racing for the 5th and 6th boats. All the athletes are investing enormous effort in practice all week and it is great to see them have the opportunity to test their skills against other schools. Thanks to the coaches for making this happen.


We have posted pictures from the St. Paul's and CRI races.
Click on St.Paul's Races Page 1
Click on St.Paul's Races Page 2
Click on St.Paul's Races Page 3
Click on St.Paul's Races Page 4
Click on St.Paul's Races Page 5

For results of the races with St. Paul's and Community Rowing Inc. (CRI) please
Click on Results for Girls
Click on Results for Boys

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Salisbury, Brunswick, BC High and Boston Latin

A very busy day at the boathouse with 4 visiting schools and special guests.
On Friday as part of Non-Sibi Weekend Phillip Academy hosted a very moving memorial for Lt. Cmdr. Erik Kristensen '91, a Navy Seal, who was killed while leading a rescue operation for four members of his US Navy SEAL Team 10 as part of Operation Redwing in the Hindu Kush mountain range of Afghanistan. On Friday his family and friends visited the boathouse.
On Saturday Erik's parents and friends returned to watch the races.

We were also visited by Garland Lasater PA'56 and his wife Mollie AA '56. Garland was in the first ever crew team at Phillips Academy and also rowed on the only Andover boat to sink in the Charles river. Garland and Mollie were both instrumental in the creation of the new William H. Brown 1934 Boathouse.

For results of the races with Salisbury, Brunswick, BC High and Boston Latin please
Click on Results for Girls
Click on Results for Boys


For some pictures click on Salisbury

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Andover Exeter Invitational at Lake Quinsigamond '14

The inner beast escaped. The results can be seen at the link below. B5 wins the prize for winning margin at 36 seconds.

To see today's results click on Lake Q results

Normally the weather for the Lake Q race is dark, dull and dreary but this weekend was breezy bright and full of spring energy like our racing boats. There was a quarter tail wind of 18 mph that made it look like Circios, the wind god, was playing with the starting official. Some were 50 meters other 150 meters past the official start line. Our boats took their cue from the wind and approached the day with a blossoming spirit. We had a great day of racing at Lake Q in sunshine but with a following 18 mph wind. All boats rowed very well against a strong Exeter team and St. John's, Simsbury, Brookline and Boston Latin.

The stretch goal for this season is to win the team trophies for both the girls and boys at Interschols for the first time ever in the history of the program. This is the tallest of tall challenges. In Ireland the response to a request for directions can sometimes be “If I was going there, I wouldn’t start from here”. Well we do not choose where we start, we can only choose where we hope to be at the end of the season. This week all the boats showed the driving spirit that gives hope for improvement during the season and the belief in the possibility of achieving the tallest of goals.

First up for the day was the G1 race. Exeter won last year’s Interschols by almost a boat length of open water. The wind huffed and puffed and then they were off. Exeter pulled away as they expected heading for confident win. They started to open up the field leaving most of the boats well behind but Andover doggedly stayed with them chasing them down the lake. Exeter were paying for the inches. The tail wind gave the boats a speed boost. At Interschols last year our G1 did not even make the grand finals. This year at Lake Q we were close to Exeter than any boat at Interschols last year. Great race!

Next up was the boys’ B1 race. The wind had a little extra fun with this one and the race started 50 meters passed the official start position. Last year Exeter won the B1 race at Interschols in a time of 4.16. Andover’s time was 4.27. Again it was Exeter making the brisk pace followed by the rest of the field with Andover in second and Brookline in third. The race was fast. Exeter completed the 1500 meters in 4.08.7 but Andover was hard on their heels and only a couple of seconds back at 4.10.9. Now both boats will work hard to improve before we meet again at home in May but the goal is to peak at Interschols. Great race!

Next up were the G2 and B2 races. The G2 race was again fast with Exeter taking a commanding lead but the girls fought back and came in second to Exeter but 15 seconds, about 5 boat lengths, ahead of Simsbury, NMH, Brookline and Boston Latin. In the B2 race 6 boats were competing but coming into the last 500 meters it was a two boat race for the finish. The inner beast was required and Andover drove to the finish line ahead of Exeter by about 3 seats.

A pattern was forming. Each race was Andover and Exeter battling for the line followed by the other boats. The B3 and G3 stayed with the pattern. The G3 was a little more exciting because the officials on the water was so enthralled with the race that they neglected to ensure clear site of the finishing flag to measure the times. So we do not have times for Andover and Exeter but we do know that Andover crossed the line first. The tide was turning in Andover’s favor so Exeter’s B3 wanted to protect the day for their school. A battle royal was fought on the windy water of Lake Q. The two boats fought stroke for stroke leaving the rest of the field behind as they raced to the finish. After 4 ½ minutes and about 125 strokes Andover won by ½ second. Then tide was turning.

For the fourth set of races our G4 and G5 lined up against Exeter G4. G4 was sharing a boat with G1. Our G4 took off and never looked back, tearing down the lake to finish 15 seconds ahead of Exeter. The Exeter G4 coming in second had to struggle to fight off our G5 less than a boat length behind. The spirit that took hold of G4 came back to join B4 who also took off down the lake form the start and made it a one boat race with a 16 second gap before the other boats joined them after they crossed the line.

The last race of the day was for the boy’s B5. The was a race with Andover, Brookline and St, John’s. Again Andover moved out from the start and never looked back and completed a lonely finish 36 seconds ahead of their nearest rival.


We have posted pictures from the Lake Q races.
Click on Lake Quinsigamind Races Page 1
Click on Lake Quinsigamind Races Page 2
Click on Lake Quinsigamind Races Page 3

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Kent '14 races

It was a beautiful day by the river today. Clear, bright and sunny with just a little wind. What people in Ireland call soft weather. Our competition today was Kent School . Not a soft opposition. Kent go to Florida for spring training so they have the advantage of being further up the training curve towards Interschols. Over the years Andover always improves more between this race and Interschols than Kent.
We have been on the water long enough to sort out our rowing technique and rhythm. We are missing 4 of our best girl rowers due to injury. Not good. We hope 2 or 3 of them will rejoin the team before Interschols. Looking better. We won five of our eight races today. Not bad. We lost the Dent Oars and the Hart Perry cup. Not good. Now is the time to build up the Inner Beast.
The Inner Beast is the spirit that does not give up until the boat crosses the line. The whole boat should be so exhausted after a race that they struggle to row back to the dock. If they are not exhausted then they gave the opposition an advantage. The Inner Beast makes sure that if the opposition is strong enough to take a seat, they pay a price that they feel. If the opposition wins the race, they feel the pain for the effort it cost them.
Our girls’ team is missing 4 very strong rowers due to injury. That is half of the G1 boat. We hope 2 or 3 of these girls will be fit within the season. This means that girls moved up from the lower boats through G4, G3, G2 to G1. Given that our G1 was really half made up of G2 we did pretty well. The G1 and G2 boats are rowing much better at this time than they did last year. They rowed good races but the Kent boats were stronger. We must become stronger as the weeks go by. I am sure we will.
Our G4 and G5 raced the Kent G5. Off the start our G4 took the lead followed by Kent and then G5. All boats were rowing strong. G5 was battling Kent until they caught a crab. As we said last week this can happen to the best of rowers. The boat recovered and continued to race but could not catch Kent. G4 stormed onwards and left Kent well behind to finish up by 10 seconds or well over 2 boat lengths. G3 also rowed with panache and won by a boat length. G2 battled hard with Kent but could not push through and were a length down at the finish. G1 faced a very strong Kent boat and fought bravely to match the speed of the Kent G1 but over the distance could not hold onto the Kent boat. Kent took a well deserved win and the Hart Perry Trophy. It will be a closer fight at Interschols.
Our B6 and B7 raced each other in the last race of the day. They both rowed strong races and turned in times that were faster than the Kent B4. Even allowing for the variation of floating started this was a very good effort. Our B4 and B5 raced against the Kent B4. They both did very well taking first and second place leaving Kent in last place. Our B3 put in an impressive performance winning with open water over the Kent B3. B2 also raced a strong race winning in 4 minutes 27.5 seconds to Kent’s 4 32.2. The Dent Oars trophy goes to the winners of the B1 race. Before 2000 Kent won almost all of these races. Since 2000 the split has been more equal. Today was not our day. The Kent B1 raced down the course in 4 34.5 to Andover’s 4 36.8. This is a difference that can be changed by Interschols. It might mean some different boat assignments to find better speed. By Interschols the Andover Inner Beast will make this a close race.
This was our first race with a school of similar speed. We have work to do. Next week we face a group of schools at Lake Quinsigamond including the Red Monster, Exeter. Exeter will be very strong especially their girls. Every week will be a new challenge.
We had Mike Kuta, the Andover Athletic director out on a launch today to feel the passion of a river race. He enjoyed himself and he saw firsthand the organization it takes to run 9 races in a couple of hours.
A big thank you everyone who supported the teams today. The cheers from the river side as the boats come down the last 500 meters make a big difference. A huge thank you to Karina Early and Anita Chen who provided the team dinner on Friday night helped by Maria Lee, Ellen Greenberg and Rosy Darby. Also a huge thank you to all the parents, too many to list, who supported the food table on race day. Napoleon said an army marches on its stomach and good food is essential for fast race teams.
Andover students volunteered today to provide live commentary, scoreboard updates and live twitter feed for remote families. They used my phone to send the tweets, These have been ‘retweeted’ by Andover so my phone has been beeping like crazy all night. Today’s twitter stream was best it has ever been. I have seen a number of messages of appreciation from remote parents.
Someone was asking about the road work bollards surrounding a man on a chair. This man is Pete McKallagat, a past parent and our finish line judge. This job requires the utmost integrity and a keen eye. His decision on who crosses the line first is final. I think he has been doing this for about 15 years.

The results and times are available at:
Girls' results
Boys' results


We have posted more pictures of the Kent races from Yin Li.
Click on Kent Races Page 1
Click on Kent Races Page 2
Click on Kent Races Page 3
Click on Kent Races Page 4
Click on Kent Races Page 5

We have posted pictures from the Kent races.
Click on Kent Races Page 1
Click on Kent Races Page 2
Click on Kent Races Page 3

Lisa has posted her pictures in Dropbox.
Click on Kent Races Dropbox

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Racing April 5th Essex & Simsbury 2014

Whew! We completed our first race of the season and not even one boat crashed or sank! Well we did not really expect that to happen. In the almost 60 years of Andover Crew we only know of one occasion where a boat sank and the crew had to be rescued and that was way back in 1956.
Today we hosted boats from Simsbury school in Connecticut and the Essex Rowing club further up the Merrimack. The New England weather forecasters were almost correct but the racers had to deal with a very fast current and a strong almost tailwind. The result was the boats flew down the course making it difficult to row with style or steer with certainty. Luckily no boats clashed oars although G5 and G6 came very close as they aggressively fought for the lead in a very close race.

The results and times are available at:
Girls' results
Boys' results

The B1 and B2 boats won over their competition from Essex and Simsbury. Our B3 and B4 bested the Simsbury B3 and B5 was still in close contention. Our B6 and B7 has a good race although B7 suffered a crab. The fast current and the following tail wind make for very fast water speed. This makes it even more important to take the oar out of the water with a clean and quick motion. If the rower is not fast enough the water is unforgiving and takes the oar away sometimes delivering a painful knock for extra discomfort. It can happen to the best of rowers. It has happened to a B1 stroke at Lake Q. The first skill is to avoid it altogether, the second is for the whole boat to recover fast. Today the B7 did a good job of recover and still managed a competitive race.

The G1 and G2 boats rowed according to plan and looked better than expected at this time of the season. Essex managed to go faster than G1 but other than that we were faster than everyone else. We should note that the start today was a floating start. That means the coaches try to line up the boats on the river floating downstream. The coxswains try to have the boats point in the right direction and with good sideways distance between the boats. As they maneuver into position they float downstream. When the starter sees they are all in position and ready he calls a start. The whole exercise means that every race will not start in exactly the same position and therefore every race is not exactly the same length so we cannot compare times from one race to another. G3 and G4 raced very close together while both were faster than Simsbury. Our G5 and G6 won the nomination for gutsy race as they fought aggressively the whole length of the course trying to push their bow ahead by a few inches. After 1500 meters and a little over 3680 tenths of a second one boat was 2 tenths of a second ahead of the other. If someone in one of the boats had sneezed they probably would have changed the result. The racing is going to be good this spring.


We have posted pictures from the Simsbury and Essex races thanks to Lisa Arnold
Click on Simsbury and Essex Page 1
Click on Simsbury and Essex Page 2
Click on Simsbury and Essex Page 3
You can also dowload from Dropbox

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Spring Crew



We have posted pictures from the Merrimack.
Click on Saturday morning 26ºF or -3.3ºC page 1
Click on Saturday morning 26ºF or -3.3ºC page 2

We're Back! Today Coach Hurley was having the docks installed on the Mighty Merrimack and sweeping away the cobwebs in the boathouse to prepare for the arrival of our advance party of Andover crew rowers tomorrow. They had to saw through about 10" of ice to launch the docks into the river. But spring is here albeit a little colder and a little later than we would like.
The early crew will probably be rowing two per day until school opens. The crew will be staying at a local hotel and a big thanks to the Santoro family for organizing the food at the boathouse. There is a rumor that the evil red empire might join us for day on the Merrimack as our home is a few degrees less cold than theirs.

Our tribe this year will be around 140 rowers and coxswains. Only 2 weeks to our first race. We aim not to cut athletes who are brave enough to face the spine chilling New England spring to master the Mighty Merrimack. Chinese martial artists believe your body force emanates from the "lower dan tian", a place deep in your belly. Our athletes this spring will need a veritable furnace in their "dan tian" to overcome the cold, wind and rain to reach racing performance before the warmer weather rolls into the Merrimack valley.


We have posted pictures of the team erging in the Smith Center.
Check out The whirl of the ergs

Congratulations Andover Crew rowers Adam Rosenthal '76, John Pawlowski '74 and Qiqi Ren '15 on an erg well rower at the Boston CRASH-Bs on Sunday. Adam rowed into second place with a time of 7.14.2!

As we sit here in New England with almost daily 12" snow storms it is difficult to think about spring races. In about 6 weeks we will be on the Mighty Merrimack.
We cross race finish lines in the spring but the races really begin on erg machines in the dark depths of winter. As our rowers emerge from their cold winter caves the coaches organize open erging sessions in the Smith Center starting on February 25th at 3.15 pm. The first feeling of spring racing power is the whirring of a room full of ergs driven by perspiring athletes exploding with pent up winter energy.

We have posted pictures from training on the Merrimack.
Click on Trainging Page 1
Click on Trainging Page 2
Click on Trainging Page 3

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Fall Crew 2013

Andover crew is on the Merrimack again with a fresh bunch of newbies. Unsuspecting boys and girls, some whom have never been on a river and most of whom have never been in a shell. Spending afternoons gently paddling on the river may have seemed like a soft alternative to a real sport. Little did they know!

When they watched the older kids, it looked so easy. How come their boat rocks from side to side, wiggles through the water and splashes in every direction? How can eight very smart people be so uncoordinated? How come the boat moves so slowly?

What little do they know? How quickly will they be molded into shape. Some will find it difficult and drift off to lesser sports. The best will learn the passion for the hard smooth rhythm that drives the boat through the water like a shark.

And the poor newbie coxswains. Rowers that pull the boat to one side, the wind that moves the point and the river that never stops stealing the boat. And just when you think you are getting the feeling of the boat, you have to land at the dock. Once again the rowers, the wind and most of all the river seem to conspire to make you look silly. You spend the last 3 minutes of practice wishing you were on the shore but if you are to be a real coxswain, after an hour ashore you will be longing for the river again.

By Parents' Weekend the coaches will have transformed chaos to harmony. They will have overcome the fundamental law of the universe to increase entropy. They will have harnessed the enthusiastic drive of the students and calmed it all into smoothly driving the shell through the water. The students will have learnt that they have to strive for the physical strength of Hercules, the grace of Pavlova or Nijinsky (the dancer or the horse) and the mind focus of Buddha. Every little step forward on the path will make them better rowers and better people.

Some rowers will take the Fall experience and move on to other sports. Others will have been infected with the passion and will never shake the river from their hearts.

Crew takes a major commitment from the students in effort and time. They disappear from school in the afternoon and return when most have finished dinner in commons. It is as though they have joined a secret tribe. If you are a new parent you will have found your child talking a new language of port, starboard and crabs. Have no fear, It is not a new version of tweet talk or a new video game but the strange terminology of crew. There is a translation available at Crew Speak


For pictures of 2013 fall crew click link below
Pictures from September 18th
Pictures from October 4th Page 1
Pictures from October 4th Page 2

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Alumni News

Interested in the history of Andover Crew? Check out the Year Books starting at 1956

Saturday June 14th- Reunion Row

It was a beautiful calm slightly gray morning on the Merrimack. Perfect day to discover if muscle memory is more than 30 years. Our eldest alum was Paul Neshamkin '59. We had a father daughter match up of Forty Conklin '79 and Janet Conklin '17 stroking and coxing one of the alum boats.


We have posted pictures from the Reunion Row.
Click on Reunion Row Page 1
Click on Reunion Row Page 2
Click on Reunion Row Page 3

More Alum Stories

Navy Lt. Commander Laurie Coffey '95 has been selected for induction into the Andover Athletic Hall of Honor.

In recent times it has become popular to bring sons and daughters to work for a day. Well Olivia Coffey '07 had the opportunity to spend a day with her big sister Lt. Cmdr. Laurie Coffey '95. There is only room for two in her office but at least she isn't interrupted by the phone. The "office" in questions is a US Navy F18. It is about the same length as a Vespoli V1 but it weighs a little more and you definitely do not want to be anywhere near the wake. We all sleep safe in our beds at night because people such as Laurie Coffey exchange launching a racing shell off a dock on the Charles for launching an F18 off the deck of a carrier. As a Navy Officer, Laurie became a fighter pilot and flew more than 100 combat hours on 25 missions in Iraq.

Laurie and sister Liv '07
In WW2 women were allowed to transport planes

Preparing for take off
In flight

We have now posted all the rowing pictures from all the Yearbooks we managed to find. Thanks to Ann Harris for arranging the scanning. We have now posted all the yearbooks to . Enjoy! We are still missing Yearbooks for the following years 1958, 1959, 1984,1985, 1991 and 2004.

Here are some yearbook pictures. Please see if you can guess the year and name any of the people. These are also posted on Facebook. You can email your answers to or post them in the guest book. See the "guestbook" icon on the top of this page.

Early 1980s?

For more alumni stories click here Alumi Corner
Year Books Andover Crew


We have started digging into the history of Andover Crew again.
Here are some old pictures from Henley:

Henley boat
Three of the boat are here
1959 - First Andover trip to Henley
1959 Andover vs Thames Rowing Club

1959 Boat: Bow-Bill Taylor, 2-Chris Miller, 3-Jack Allen, 4-Renny Maier, 5-Dick Masland, 6-Art Burnham, 7-Bill Sanford, stroke-Maynard Toll (Captain), cox-Patrick Cary-Barnard. (Thanks to Bill Sanford)

We have also started a web page for the rowing entries in the Year Books from 1956 when Coach Brown founded Andover Crew. Below is the first entry from 1956. We have now posted all we have on Year Books Andover Crew
We are still missing Year Books for the following years 1958, 1959, 1984,1985, 1991and 2004. If you have a Yearbook for any of these years and are willing to scan it or send it to us to scan please email us at

1956 Year Book


Old Fashion Jump to, if you prefer


The Spirit of Andover Crew

Crew is a little different from other sports. All the students, boys and girls, everyone from varsity first boat to the sixth boat, train together, practice together, race together. Everyone jumps on the same bus for the bone-rattling trip to the boathouse. Everyone helps with the launches. Everyone shares the same cold wet days on the Merrimack. Everyone shares the same pain, the same pleasure. Everyone will have the same joy as the boat starts to sync and the speed increases. There is no individual effort. There is no individual glory. Only one boat, eight rowers, one coxswain, one shell. A racing boat.
Below is a multimedia section including a video of this year's (07) interschols, Michelle's call and video from Henley '06 and a documentary video about Andover crew made by Katherine Adams '06. Recently we have noticed people referring to Andover crew as a world class program. The shallow reason for such an accolade is probably the recent racing performance such as B1 with two silvers and a gold and G1 with three silvers in the last three New England Championships. We think the program is world class because of the spirit of Andover crew down through all 12 boats. We hope the videos below will help you visit again with the spirit of Andover crew.

Interschols '07 Video


Click the links below for Interschol video thanks to Jim Moroney.
Click here for Interschol video part 1
Click here for Interschol video part 2
Click here for Interschol video part 3

Abingdon Race Henley '06 - Michelle's Coxswain's Call: You can feel the spirit as you listen to this race from Henley '06. Abingdon, one of the top English schools, used their fantastic start to take an early lead of over a boat length. Lesser crews would have crumbled. Andover clawed back into the race and then pulled off a tremendous sprint to take the victory.


Click the CONE for a video combination of the coxswain's recording and the TV recording of the Abingdon-Andover race. The video will start with a photograph of the team racing at Henley. The TV footage from will appear for the last 500 meters.

Andover Crew video: Katherine Adams created this Andover crew video in the Spring of '04. As you watch this movie I think you will appreciate that Andover Crew is something very special. We have split the movie into four parts to make it easier to play and download. Please click on the link and it will play using Media Player. You may also right click on each part to download the four files and then use the 'open' command under 'file' to select all four to play as a group.
Andover Crew Video Part 1
Andover Crew Video Part 2
Andover Crew Video Part 3
Andover Crew Video Part 4
Courtesy of Katherine Adams '06

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General Information

Head Coaches:


Our own Coach Dale Hurley will be taking over as Interim Directory of Andover Crew.

Dale joined us in 2006 and has been a inspiration to our young rowers ever since with his famous launch cry of “What do you do when you’re not having fun?" "PULL HARDER". He came to the program with coaching experience at Blair Academy, University of Pennsylvania, University of Tennessee, and the US Naval Academy built on top of a successful rowing career that included being a 5 time member of the U.S National Lightweight Rowing team. This past fall he ran a very enthusiastic girls learning to row program. For the last 3 years his B3 boats have won gold at all three the New England Championships.
His first job is to plan for the spring racing season. He will build and organize the coaching staff and book the racing fixtures for our racing program of over 120 rowers. The goal is to inspire happy rowers to win the New England Championship. We all wish Dale every success.

Head Coach Girls: Coach Dale Hurley joined PA 2006 as a math teacher and crew coach. Coach Hurley is a five time U.S. National Lightweight Rowing Team member and coached at the US Naval Academy and Blair Academy before coming to Andover.

Head Coach Boys: Coach Stewart MacDonald P’13 coxed for Belmont Hill, Wisconsin and the US National team at the Olympics in ’68 and ’72. He has coached at Kent, Belmont Hill, Boston University and the USA national team and most recently as a guest coach with our championship girls’ team in 2011. He also coached Dale Hurley on the national team for 4 years.

Coach James (Jigger) Herman ’81 is an Andover graduate. Jigger rowed at Andover and as a lightweight at Yale. This Spring is his second season coaching at Andover. Jigger was instrumental in laying out the race course at our new boathouse. Coach Herman will be coaching boys.

Coach Bob Moss, aka Coach Rambo, started coaching crew at St. Andrews' School in Delaware in 1973, and coached our girls at Andover with great passion and success from1984 to 2007. His love of the river and the program has drawn him back from retirement for an encore performance 2014 season. We are overjoyed to have him back.

Coach Parker Washburn ‘09 rowed 4 years in B1 including Henley in ’06 and an undefeated season in 2007. He also rowed 4 years for Harvard winning medals at Eastern Sprints and National Championships. Parker is a teaching fellow in physics and will be coaching boys this spring.

Coach Murphy Temple ’08 attended Yale University and the University of Cambridge, where she rowed for St. John's College. Murphy is a teaching fellow in history and will be coaching the girls this spring.

Coach Tori Lockwood, attended Wellesley where she spent time on the softball team, ski team and the crew team. Tori is a teaching fellow in math and will be coaching the girls this spring.

Coach Profile

Girls' Team Captain '15: Elizabeth Kemp and Qiqi Ren
Boys' Team Captain '15: Ben Hawley and Marc Sevastopoulo

O Captain! my Captain! rise up and hear the bells;
Rise up--for you the flag is flung--for you the bugle trills;
For you bouquets and ribbon'd wreaths--for you the shores a-crowding;
For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces turning;

Walt Whitman

This Website

is run by Parents, Friends and Alums of Andover Crew to inform and involve parents and alums in the Andover Crew program.

The FALL crew season is the time for fun. Many new students have never been in a rowing boat. The experienced and novice students are mixed together in a process that starts with lots of splashing and little speed through the water. The teams progress with advice and encouragement from the coaches as well as laughter and hard work from the students. Eventually every boat is powering through the water with every oar moving as though the rowers were part of one being. Students who used to run inside at the first drop of rain will soon be happily braving even snow showers for the opportunity to spend the afternoon on the river. Hard to believe? Come and see!

Your students will soon be speaking a new language. You too can learn a little more or understand their new vocabulary

Rowing requires great skill and co-ordination. Here are some extra challenges that a student can try during the school vacation. What about Sculling ?

The program has about 100 girls and boys. They row mostly 'eights' and a few 'fours'

Everyday they are bused to and from the boathouse on the Merrimack River. There is an incredible camaraderie amongst the crew students. Maybe it is the daily bus journey, maybe the shared battle with the elements, maybe the fact that crew is a true team effort? Maybe it is just the shared experience of a few hours together away from the pressure of schoolwork? It is a pleasure to see this happy relaxed group working hard and having fun together.

Spring term is racing season. The competitive spirit kicks in as they start training for races. Andover competes against schools from all over the North East such as Exeter, Kent, NMH, St Paul's, St. John's, Tabor and others. Andover also competes at the New England Interscholastic Regatta (NEIRA) in May.

Spring is also the time for parents and friends to join in with practical help and support. The Saturday races are almost full day events with Andover fielding from 6 to 10 boats against the competition. Supporters travel to the races and provide our teams with food and drink throughout the day. If you have been to any of the races, you will know the extraordinary amount of nourishment required to support a hard racing team. The support and encouragement of the parents and fellow racers contributes greatly to the team. The races are also fun events for students and parents together. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come, even if you can only make it to one of the races. If you live far away you can make a contribution that will be used to provide the food for the races and the end of season barbecue.

Apart from the school website, this website is the primary source for information. For more interactive and immediate news we have a Facebook group "Friends of Andover Crew". For real time race results we use a twitter account called "andovecrew". We have also started a Linkedin group called "Andover Crew". Membership of these groups is open to Parents, Friends and Alumni of Andover Crew.

Over the years parents and friends have also supported the program with donations of equipment. In the past few years donations have paid for trips overseas, new ergs, new docks, launches and of course new racing boats. With up to 6 racing boats for each of the boys and girls, the hand-me-down boats are pretty old and battered by the time they reach the lower boats even if they are passed on every couple of years. The process needs new boats every 2 to 3 years. In recent years we have added a number of new boats for the girls. This past spring we added new boats to the boys program thanks to very generous donations from parents of both boys and girls. Over the winter we had 4 new erg machines donated. All this while we have been raising money for a new boathouse.

At the very least, crew will allow your student to have fun, exercise, make new friends and learn a new skill. It may also be the start of a life long passion.

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Training and Fun


Some guidance for the art of erging with skill and style. Read and inwardly digest this guidance and then do the complete opposite and you will have perfection!


Now that the crews are on the water, some people will be catching crabs. If you are going to do something, you might as well excel at it. Here are instructions for catching a really good crab!


For a video of a real-life ejector crab from the MIT website, thanks to Kit H. Click here You will need a mp4 player such as QuickTime or DIV/X.

Catching a crab can be a race stopping event. Check out the youtube video from San Diego at 1 min 24 secs. Click Ejection crab

Diet is very important for all of us. Strenuous sports such as Crew add an extra dimension to diet planning. Eating properly is essential for good health. Some useful advice for rowers and parents bringing food to races can be found in this Training diet guide link. Staying healthy should be the first priority.

Crew first day on the water

cox1badrow5 badrow4badrow5 badrow2cabvas

Crew after a week with the coaches - see technique instruction


Strokes thru' the ages

I know we have many alumni who go weepy eyed at the sight of an old wooden boat and cannot believe that the feather light modern oars can propel a boat at speed. Michael Callahan of the Universiy of Washington has written an interesting article comparing the stroke used in 1949 with that of today. To see this article Click here


The 1949 boat merged with the 2009 boat.

If all this exertion is too much for you and you would rather some very light training , then try simulated crew with this game for your family. interesting board games.

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Parental Support


In the Fall our duty as parents is to make supporting, understanding nods at the comments that crew is "awesome", "tough", "exhilarating" and of course pretend that we understand the new language. We must not comment on the new found appetites, tendency to dress in layers and almost complete immunity to the weather. In Spring the racing season offers a direct opportunity for parents to participate. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend the race meetings and yell "GO BLUE". The students really appreciate the loyal band of supporters to cheer them to victory. The races are exhilarating, exhausting and appetite creating and that is just for the supporters. Over the duration of the race meeting, the parents provide a hospitality table for our athletes to quench their thirst and quell their hunger after a hard race.

We can have up to 120 hungry students to feed. You would be amazed at the amount of food consumed. Our athletes are very serious about what they eat before and after a race. It appears they really listen to all the comments about healthy eating that you thought had fallen on deaf ears.
Check out what rowers should and should not eat and when
In Spring we publish a sample menu for the food table. Everyone can join in by bringing food or making a donation to purchase food.
Click here for the food menu for our race If your child has any special food requirements or preferences please have them inform us before the races and email
To make every race a fun filled success we need loads of help from parent volunteers. Parents can bring food, organize the food table, take pictures, send twitter results and even write up rce day reports for the website. Every little bit of help makes the boats go faster.
Click here for Parent Information
Click here for the sign up sheet.Parent Volunteer Sign Up

The most important thing parents can do is provide encouragement and, if possible, come to support the students at Parents Weekend in the Fall and the races in the Spring. A crew program needs good equipment to be competitive. The Andover crew program has also benefited over the past 50 years from parent and alumni donations. Much of our equipment has been acquired with these donations. Hence the funny names on the boats -- "Pete & Jerry", Cashin. Lone Star and Coach Moss. When crews have won the right to attend the Henley Regatta in London, it has only been possible with the generous donations of parents and alumni to pay for a trip that will be remembered for a lifetime.

If you would like to be on our email list please email us at

Top 7 Reasons To Be A Crew Mom/Dad

1. Cooking lunch for the kids on the team is like cooking for a small village.
2. The people from the Child Abuse Prevention Center keep calling about the cuts and bruises on the backs of your child's legs.
3. Standing in the rain and mud on Saturdays in April is much better than relaxing at home.
4. What the hell is a unisuit?
5. Your kids haven't gone to bed this early since they were two years old.
6. You can personally keep Johnson & Johnson in business by buying Band-Aids, gauze, and Neosporin for all their blisters.
7. After all these years they finally eat everything on their plate.

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Spring Schedule

To live is to row, to row is to race, to race is to test the limits. NEIRA beckons.


A Call to Oars:
Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
Then imitate the action of the tiger;
Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,
Disguise fair nature with hard-favour'd rage;
Now set the teeth and stretch the nostril wide,
Hold hard the breath and bend up every spirit
To the full height. On, on, you noblest rowers.
Whose limbs were made in New England show us here
The mettle of your pasture; let us swear
That you are worth your breeding; which I doubt not;
For there is none of you so mean and base,
That hath not noble lustre in your eyes.
I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips,
Straining upon the start. The game's afoot:
Follow your spirit, and upon this charge
Cry 'Go for myself, my family and Andover Crew!'
(Mostly from Henry V Act 3 Scene 1)
- Apologies to Will Shakespeare.

Proposed Andover Spring Racing Schedule 2014 (Times/boats may change)
Date Day Team Opponent Site TimeResults
05-Apr-2014 Sat Boys B1-B4 Simsbury & Essex Home Results
05-Apr-2014 Sat Girls G1-G3 Simsbury & Essex Home Results
12-Apr-2014 Sat Boys B1-B5 Kent Home Results
12-Apr-2014 Sat Girls G1-G4 Kent Home Results
19-Apr-2014 Sat Boys B1-B5 St. John's,Simsbury,Exeter Away Results
19-Apr-2014 Sat Girls G1-G4 Simsbury,Exeter Away Results
26-Apr-2014 Sat Boys B1-B7 Salisbury, Brunswick & BC High Home Results
26-Apr-2014 Sat Girls G1-G6 Boston Latin Home Results
3-May-2014 Sat Boys B1-B6 St. Paul's & CRI Away Results
3-May-2014 Sat Girls G1-G5 St. Paul's & CRI Away Results
10-May-2014 Sat Boys B1-B7 Tabor, Exeter & NMH Home Results
10-May-2014 Sat Girls G1-G6 Tabor, Exeter & NMH Home Results
17-May-2014 Sat Boys B1-B7 Hingham & Shrewsbury Home Results
17-May-2014 Sat Girls G1-G6 Hingham & Shrewsbury Home Results
24-May-2014 Sat Boys B1-B3 Interscholastics (NEIRA) Away Results
24-May-2014 Sat Girls G1-G3 Interscholastics (NEIRA) Away Results
14-June-2014 Sat Everyone REUNION ROW Home 7.45 am

The number of boats depends the other schools. We hope to add additional races for the lower boats.

For past years' results go to Row2k results and enter the year.

The times listed are approximate times for the first racing boat to go on the water. The teams and supporters arrive about an hour earlier to setup for the races.

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For direction to all of our regular season away racing venues click here

Following are the directions to the William Brown boathouse:

  • Take I-93 North or South to Exit 46 (Route 110/Route 113 toward Lawrence/Dracut)
  • Take the Lowell Street/Route 110 exit out of the traffic circle (it is the third exit if coming from I-93 north; it is the first exit if coming from I-93 south)
  • Drive straight through the first light and continue on for 1.3 miles
  • The boathouse is located on the left

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Related links

We believe all of the links are working again. Please leave a message in the guest book if you have any problems with the links or if you have a favorite link that you would like us to add to our list.
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AndoverCrew on YouTube

This is a list of Andovercrew videos on YouTube by various contribitors in no special order.

Oscar Tang: Andover Life
Abingdon-Andover Henley06
Ian Sigal -- Work Ethic
Ian Sigal -- Team Mates
Ian Sigal -- Goals
2011 NEIRA B1 Final
2011 NERIA G1 Final
2011 NERIA B3 Final
2011 National Championships
2011 National
2011 NEIRA G2 heat
2011 NEIRA B2
2011 NERIA G1 heat
2011 NEIRA G2 Final
2011 NEIRA B1 Heat
2011 NEIRA B2 Final
2010 NERIA Trophy presentation
2010 Interschols Luc goes swimming
2010 Interschols Girls G1
2007 Henley Women's Regatta

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Andover crew Hats - THE definitive fashion statement this Spring

We have re-ordered Andover Crew hats. Every rower and coach will a free hat before Grandparents' Weekend. Over 130 hats. Additional hats have been purchased for parents, friends and alumni of Andover Crew. These hats are available for a donation of $15 plus postage if required. Wear your hat when you visit the campus to show your support for the crew program. When we reach a 150 donations, we will have covered the cost of the hats for the rowers.
If you would like a hat please email We will email you donation instructions. The hats are lightweight with a built in sweat band.:

Andover Crew Hat - front
Andover Hat - back

We also have a small quantity of dark blue and light blue visors for $10.

boathouse direction Gift parents
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