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To provide information and news for the Parents, Friends, and Alumni of Andover Crew.
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New Alum Stories 2012

Here are some yearbook pictures. Come on now bend those brain cells and send in the names of the people in the photos. This summer we have a student project to try and capture more yearbook pictures. The goal is eventually to have them all. You can email your answers to or post them in the guest book. This week Betsy Biemann gave us the names of the 1982 G1 boat. Somebody out there must be able to answer some of the other pictures in the Alumni corner. See the "guestbook" icon on the top of home page.

With help from Hobey Birmingham '62
Boys 1963
Standing Row: Coach Bill Brown, James Pinney ‘63, Jan Askman ‘63, James Wells ‘63, John Born ‘63, Hugh Emory ‘63, Dan Eubank ‘65, Gib Vincent ‘63, Gordon Hardy ‘
Front Row: Paul Hoffman ‘63
With help from Neil Batt '82:
1st Row: E.Roche '83, P. Tipton '83, D. Mahoney '82, M Weatherley-White '82, J Doggett '83
2nd Row: T. Lameyer '82, N. Batt '82, D. Duquette '82, S. Hochman '84
With help from Struan Robertson '83:
Girls 1 & 2nd 1983
1st Row: Rachel Moscarella '83, J. Gillivray ;84, Rachel Simons '83, Carolyn McGowan '83, ?
2nd Row: Thayer Tolles '83, E Stier '83, Donna Hoitsma '83?, Betsy Biern '84
3rd Row: L.Doucette, Susannah Hill '83, E. Crowther, L. Zuckerman '83, Elizabeth McHenry '83
4th Row: P. Canfield, S. Black '83,S. Hazelwood '85, Milisa Galazzi '84.
Boys 1 & 2nd 1983 L-R, Boys First Boat:
1st Row: Max Drake '83, Patrick Tipton '83, Geoffrey Tuller '83, Alec Hugo '83, Chris Tompson '83,
2nd Row: Jeb Doggett '83, Eamon Roche '83, Steve Hochman '84 & Bruce Trask '83,
3rd Row: Boys 2nd Boat- Art Muldoon '84, Mikkel Hermann '83, (coxswain)?, John Helmers '83, Struan Robertson '83, Peter Washburn (coach)
4th Row: Dan Miller '83, ?, Fritz Reichenbach '83, Steve Blackwell '83.
1982 G1
1st Row: P. Hager, R Moscarella '83, R. Simons '83, C. Richards '82, L. Carr
2nd Row: J. Mulvihill '82, T. Tolles'83 , E. Biemann '82, M. Durham '82

2011 USRowing Junior National Championship

Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fastest of them all. Well in rowing there is only one way to know. A race over 1500 m. The B1 boat won Interschols to prove they were the fasted boat in New England. For years other rowers questioned whether or not New England schools were as fast as they claimed. In the very recent years Andover and Kent have put their reputations on the line and entered in the USRowing Junior National Championships. Andover has entered in 2009 and again this year. In 2009 the B1 boat won Silver.

This year B1 again went up against the very best rowing teams from all over the USA. They continued to train every day after Interschols. Early morning rowing in June on a glass-like Merrimack with their boat will be a memory they will cherish for years to come.
Our B1 won their Heat and came second in the Semi Final and again raced in the Final to win the Silver medal. Of all the junior rowing schools and clubs from Florida to Washington State, from California to Maine there is only one single team that can manage to row 1500 m faster than Andover. Not bad for medium sized high school in the suburbs of Boston. Pretty good for the 8 rowers and coxswain who manage to train while also surviving the demanding academic rigor of Andover. Not a bad story for these rowers to tell their grand children 50 years from now when they are the same age as the students who founded Andover Crew.
Click here for some photos of B1 in action and on the podium. podium picture
Sport Graphic Photos

This year Phillips academy recognized Tom Pollack, a 1961 rower, who went on to row in the Olympics by inducting him into the Athletic Hall of Honor. 50 years on our B1 boat is continuing and expanding on the tradition started all those years ago. These young rowers honored Tom Pollack by showing that the spirit of the ’61 rowers is alive and growing at Andover.
Our thanks also to all the parents, especially Stewart MacDonald and Margery Kennelly, who organized and financed the trip to Oak Ridge Tennessee. There were flights, hotels, food, transportation and uniforms to be organized in a very short period of time. Coach Washburn assisted by Walker Washburn drove the trailer all the way to Oak Ridge. Our thanks to the school for supporting the team training after school had finished and Bob the bus driver and enthusiastic supporter who made sure they were on time for training and their flight to Tennessee. A great effort by all.
What a way to end our season.

Alumni boat in the Head of the Charles


This fall the Friends of Andover Crew aka BIG BLUE will be racing in the Head of the Charles Regatta. Chris Maietta '74 and Maggie Klarberg Kennedy '96 applied for Men’s and Women’s racing entries for the Alumni event at the HoCR. In the lottery we were not awarded a place for the women but we do have an entry for the men.
Our BIG BLUE boat of alumni will race on Saturday 22nd at 10.55 am. We will celebrate with lunch at the Andover tent in the Reunion Village afterwards. We will start a page on this website for the Alumni team.
The team so far is Tom Boyle '74, Forty Conklin '79, Dave Lippold '74, John Pawlowski '74, Carl Taeusch '63, Randy Tagg '73, Hunter Washburn '00, Vincent Broderick '71 and Sarah Sherman '04. We are hoping the team will join us for a practice during Parent's day at the boathouse and everyone is invited to the Andover Crew tent at the HoCR to cheer the boat on Saturday morning.
All traditions have to start somewhere and we hope this will be the start of a new tradition of entering both men’s and women’s boats in the alumni event. Click on the picture for the HoCR team page.

A day at the office with big sister. 200?

In recent times it has become popular to bring sons and daughter to work for a day. Well Olivia Coffey '07 had the opportunity to spend a day with her big sister Lt. Cmdr. Laurie Coffey '95. There is only room for two in her office but at least she isn't interupted by the phone. The "office" in questions is a US Navy F18. It is about the same length as a Vespoli V1 but it weighs a little more and you defintely do not want to be anywhere near the wake. We all sleep safe in our beds at night because of people such as Laurie Coffey exchange launching a racing shell off a dock on the Charles for launching an F18 off the deck of a carrier.





New Old Stuff: And now for a couple of pictures, one from 2007, another from around 1959 and three more from around 1983 taken from an out of print book about Andover.


Caroline Lind and the US boat with their Gold medals - Lucerne 2007


We think this is the 1959 2nd. boat with Coach Brown, Tom Pollock, Fritz Dulles, Dave Gaskin, Jerry Secundi, John Allen, John Bissel, Mike Drooker, Bill Anderson, David Stone and Ned Cabot (seated). Thanks to Simon Hyde, Paul Neshamkin, Mike Drooker, Will Taylor, Tom Pollock, Renny Maier and Sam Bach who sent in their best ideas for the names.


Sent in by Rick Nuckolls. We think this is from 1969 with Jay Watkins (bow), Vic Kiarsis, Rick Nuckolls, Bill Jones, Roger Steinert, Carl Willaims, Tony Romano, Jim Cunningham and John Ford as coxswain. Fred Drake also rowed in B1 in 1969.

From Lissy Abraham '74
Lissy wrote and asked why I only posted the 1974 boys' picture. I answered that we didn't care about the girls (only joking!) and besides they only merged in '74 and didn't do crew until '75. Oh no she said. Prove I said. And she did. Here is the 1974 girls from Lissy's yearbook. More to come from her 1973 yearbook showing girls infiltrated Crew before the merger!.


The first Official girls crew at Andover - Lissy on the RHS.


Girls crew circa 1983. Please email if you know the names.


Boys B1 1983. The first time we won the Dent Oars. Our B1 brought them home this year too!


The dedication of the Christina Cabot showing both the King shell and the real Christina. She, the shell, is still in use today.


The boys crew on the water. 1: Eamon Roche, 2: Jeb Dogget, 3: Bruce Trask, 4: Steve Hochman, 5: Chris Thompson, 6: Alec Hugo, 7: Pat Tipton, 8: Max Drake and Cox: Jeff Tuller in the Christina Cabot. Thanks to Bruce Trask and Alec Hugo for their best memories of the names. The boat is still on the water. Please email with any corrections.

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50th Celebration 2006

Celebrating 50 years of crew racing on the Merrimack

Celebrate 50 years of Andover Crew racing in the Mighty Merrimack with us on May 13th, 2006 Meet your old friends from 5 or 50 years ago. Wonder why they have grown old and well I shouldn't say anymore. After you have relived your memories over coffee and listened to everyone saying how much they would love to row again remind them that the coaches would welcome them at the boathouse for a quick paddle on the water. If you don't feel like risking your life, you can always cheer from the dock but remember there might be medals for the rowers! Afterward you can watch an action replay of your youth while the Andover boats race against that other school. We will finish off the day with a dinner in one of the commons halls, probably upstairs provided everyone can make it after the morning exertion. We will have Coach Bill Brown, who started Crew at Andover, along with rowers from his earliest teams and rowers from all the five decades of boys' and three decades of girls' crew at Andover.The current coaches and varsity rowers will be invited to join the dinner.So, did you mean all those wonderful things you said about crew. Well then, make your plans, book your ticket, call you old crewmates and head off towards Andover one more time. Click to see the Celebration Invite and Instructions.

May 15th:

This past Saturday, in the middle of the worst torrential rain for many years, we hosted the Celebration for 50 Years of Crew at Andover. We packed the Kemper reception area with old rowers who had to be chased out into the wild weather to make their way to our boathouse.

We launched 5 rowing eights with representation from every decade including the ‘50s. They rowed for over an hour on the mighty Merrimack and made it safely back to shore. Bill Brown said that the trustees in the ’50s had tried to dissuade him from establishing a crew program. Little did they know that 50 years later we would have the president of the board rowing on the Merrimack.

We provided a barbecue picnic lunch for everyone and dedicated the ‘Lone Star’, our new Vespoli V1, donated by the Hirt family. In the afternoon, while the storm continued ferociously, the students treated us to very exciting victories over Exeter and Tabor cheered on by the gathered parents and alumni including Coach Brown.

The day was topped off with a packed dinner in the upper left Commons. The current varsity captains addressed the gathering and accepted the raucous cheering for their efforts of the afternoon. We followed with a speech and presentation of a cowboy hat and boots to Coach Washburn to match his new boat. We then metaphorically walked through the decades with speakers from the 60s to the present day sharing their passion for the program and the coaches, the life lessons learned and their funny stories.

We also presented a plaque representing a new boat that will be dedicated to Oscar Tang donated by a friend, Jim Rogers. Oscar finished the long line of speakers with his own hilarious stories of the early sinking of boats in the Charles, a passionate thank you to Coach Brown and the announcement of a fund for crew to be named in honor of Coach Brown. The evening ended with a short thank you speech by an obviously moved Bill Brown. The general agreement was that we should not wait for another 50 years to hold the next celebration of crew at Andover.









For more pictures of 50th Celebration I, click here.

Post Season - Alumni visit

During the normal Alumni reunion a few intrepid Alumni snuck away from the festivities to renew their relationship with the Mighty Merrimack. On the Saturday morning at the appointed 7 AM it was cold, raining and the river was running high with a strong current. Everyone agreed the sane option was to go to Starbucks and invent some rowing stories. But who believes in sanity. Our intrepid alumni ventured out on the river with our Henley training B1.

Rain, wind and running water...what happens...Old Andover rowers go out in the morning storm

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William H. Brown Crew Trophy

Awarded to that boy and girl student who have contributed most in the way of team spirit and sportsmanship to the crew.

Winners over the years. (I quickly copied these from the Trophy in the gym. Apologies if I have any of the names or dates wrong.

  • Date: Boys' Crew - Girls' Crew
  • 1956: Garland M. Lasater Jr.
  • 1957: Philip C. Olsson
  • 1958: Malcolm S. Salter
  • 1959: William F. Sanford
  • 1960: Ward R. Maier
  • 1961: Thomas W. Mayer
  • 1962: Thomas G. Wales
  • 1963: Gordon A. Hardy Jr.
  • 1964: Charles E. Rounds Jr.
  • 1965: Charles Sheldon II
  • 1966: Carl A. Wales
  • 1967: Phillip L. Nelson
  • 1968: Richard D.Logan III
  • 1969: Carl H. Williams
  • 1970: Paul D. Hoffman
  • 1971: Vaughan Lee Jr.
  • 1972: Harrison W. Taylor
  • 1973: Carroll B. Leseite
  • 1974: Dewitt K. Burnham Jr.
  • 1975: Thomas H. Bush
  • 1976: Franklin W. Foster
  • 1977: Brian W. Loughman
  • 1978: W. Kirk Doggett
  • 1979: Edward F. Conklin - Grechen van Dusen
  • 1980: David Coolidge - Aimee Thorpe
  • 1981: Christopher C. Richards - Kathleen M. Lyons
  • 1982: Neil Batt - Catherine C. Richards
  • 1983: John Doggett - Elizabeth Crowther
  • 1984: Stephen Hockman - Milisa Galzzi
  • 1985: None - Melissa Falcone/Alison Smith
  • 1986: Carleton Yee - Katina B. Smith
  • 1987: Travis Metz - Hannah Edmunds
  • 1988: Miguel Sancho - Antonio Stephen
  • 1989: Boys 1st boat - Cecilia Mendez
  • 1990: Christopher Schulten - Cecilia Mendez
  • 1991: John Orsmond - Hilary Driscoll
  • 1992: Robert Hall - Claudia Fiore
  • 1993: Daniel Chung - Jennifer Dowling
  • 1994: John Cruender - Courtney Peck
  • 1995: None - Sarah Barensfeld
  • 1996: Ben Langsworthy - Kealy Oconnor
  • 1997: Seth Moulton - Danielle draper
  • 1998: Michael McGowan - Caoline Pollak
  • 1999: Christopher McKallagat - Sara Lepore
  • 2000: None - Katherine Larson
  • 2001: Spencer Washburn - Katherine B. Bartlett
  • 2002: Benjamin B. Beinecke - Kaka C. Gaughen
  • 2003: Boys' 1st boat - None
  • 2004: Sarah Sherman - Josephine I. Duh
  • 2005: None - Nell Beattie

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Head of the Charles 2005

The clear brisk Friday was followed by a wild, wet and windy Saturday and Sunday for the Head of the Charles. One parent emailed me that they had enjoyed the 'Charles' by watching from inside their warm car. She can't have been born in New England. Despite the weather, it was a fun weekend. Andover was there in many guises.

Current students were volunteering as dock hands. They met an alum from '64. The "Phillips Academy" with only a couple of Alums was well placed in the club race. Andover alumni could be spotted disguised as college rowers on the Princeton, Colby and Brown crews. Others were hanging around on the docks. See whom you can recognize. The camaraderie lives on.

hoc1Well meet again...
Jackie '04, Meg '04 Morgan '07

hoc2Some stormy day...
Ben '04, Kate '05, Hoppy '04, Michelle '04, Travis '04, Chip '08, Michelle '07.

hoc3On the bank of the Charles
Meg '04, Morgan '07, Hoppy '04, Ben '04, Michelle '04, Jen '04

Pictures by Michelle '07.


Our most recent Alumni. We wish our graduating seniors the best of luck in their future adventures

Liz Demers was a member of the 2005 USA Junior Women's eight at the 2005 FISA Junior World Rowing Championships in Brandenburg, Germany. The team made it through the qualifying rounds to compete in the final against Germany, Romania, Great Britain, Russia and the Czech Republic. Our team finished 4th just missing a medal. Congratulations.
See This link.

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Alumni news: Some people just row for fun. Others take it a little more seriously. Caroline Lind ('02) was introduced to rowing at Andover. Caroline has continued the passion at Princeton and for the USA See her bio at Caroline Lind

2008 Olympics


USA Olympic team - Gold Medal Winners - Caroline Lind '02

Caroline Lind '02 won GOLD with the USA Olympic women's' eight in Beijing. This is the first time for the USA women since 1984 and I think back then they raced 1000m instead of the full 2000m. The team will appear on Oprah the week of 9/8. Read Caroline's own account at Caroline's Blog For more Olympic coverage check out Row2k Olympics and NBC Olympic coverage.

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1990s - Send us something to post!

Coffey Claire Coffey '99 at CRASHBs '06

Here is our first 1990s photograph. A student of Coach Green who rowed at Andover, the junior national team, Navy and Cornell. Claire is now a crew coach herself at Pittsford NY. The picture was taken at the CRASHBs in Boston this year. I am not sure how she managed to cross the New England border with the hat. Her younger sister is currently rowing at Andover.

....and more from 1992

girls 19921992 Girls from Christy Wood '92

wboys1992and the boys

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The 1980s are coming in strong. Here are some pictures from 1984 from Wendy Dick. Email us if you recognize yourself and are prepared to admit it. Only 20 years ago! Time flies when you are having fun.


The boats were heavier then


Rowing with style


and then you have to de-rig the boat..some things never change


1984 in from the English building with coach Kathy Lyons


Is that Neil Bat in the bow. We think this is '81.


Woolly hat fashion rowing

In 1982 a young girl graduated from Andover and head south to Boston and Harvard. She had acquired a skill and a passion at Andover for....yes you guessed it...Crew. She went on to be the first girl Coxswain of the Harvard Varsity Heavyweight crew and coxed to victory in the Eastern Sprint Championships, the Harvard-Yale Race, the National Intercollegiate Championships in Cincinnati and the Grand Challenge Cup at the Henley Royal Regatta in England. Not satisfied with being a winning coxswain, she wrote a book about it: -


The Challenge by Devin Mahony '82

In 2005 Devin, along with the rest of the 1985 crew, was inducted into the Harvard Crew Hall of Fame.

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Here are some pictures of Andover crew at the Head of the Charles Regatta in the early '70s. Abbot and PA merged in 1973. It would be wonderful to have some photographs foe the earliest girls' crew.

Kurt Schwarz '74 and friends at the Head of the Charles

Kurt Schwarz '74 and friends in 1973

Kurt Schwarz '74 and friends in 1974

Kurt Schwarz '74 and friends in 1974

Boston Globe listing PA as winner. Kurt says it was an error, but we have it in print.

kurt6Andover Crew 1974
Photo courtesy Chris Maietta '74

Bob Pulley sent us this photograph and copies of the '75 and '76 HOCK programs.

Cox Ozzie Street (Not shown), Stroke Duncan Campbell, 7 Peter Benca, 6 Jon Wonnell, 5 Hans Tobeason, 4 Adam Rosenthal, 3 Colin Gavin, 2 Bob Pulley, Bow Whit Foster

In 1978 the best selling single was 'Night Fever' by the Bee Gees. It was the year of Grease, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Animal House, Star Wars and Revenge of the Pink Panther. It seems like yesterday but it really was 27 years ago. No slinky spandex, no shiny fiberglass, no lightweight composite materials. No, 1978 was the time of organic rowing. Varnished wooden boats, heavy composite-free oars and clothes made from plant or animal fibers. In 1978 it was just the river, natural products and real rowers. The rowers were still pretty cool.
Thanks to Forty Conklin (79), we have photographs to prove it. The photos, thanks to Forty's mother, were taken at the "Head of the Charles" in '78. Forty is the handsome Stroke in the pictures. Free Andover Crew car decal if you can name any of the rowers. (If you have any more pictures from the past, please email

For more,Head of Charles, 1978 click here.

hoc78003Pre-race prayers with Coach Brown

hoc78008Natural rowers

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On April 30th 2005 we were joined by the varsity rowers of 1965. Their B1 boat was undefeated during the season, won Interschols and traveled to Henley, to go down to Tabor in the final of the Princess Elizabeth Cup by a deck length. That makes them, probably, the most successful team in Andover history. We know that the boat of '64 made it to the Henley semi-final. Anyone know any better?

DSC_0356Go Boys Go!

DSC_0399Even after forty years, you never forget.

More pictures may be found in our photopage of April 30th, 2005. click here.

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The B1 boat of 1959 was the first one to win Intershols. As usual the coxswain was sacrificed to the lake god.

1956_0006The first New England Champions

We have started researching the early days of crew at Andover. In 1955 Coach Bill Brown was teaching at Andover and coaching various lesser sports. He had rowed for Harvard and decided to start a Crew program. The trustees were less than enthusiastic so he scrounged up some cash and somehow talked Harvard, Yale and Princeton into donating three boats. Crew was born at Andover. Coach Brown led Andover crew to victories at Interschols and Henley, finally retiring in 1979. Girls Crew was added in 1976 after Abbot merged with Phillips. Pete Washburn has been coaching at Andover since 1980. Together Bill Brown and Pete Washburn span 50 years of Crew at Andover. It is said that the time spent at PA is worthwhile if the person discovers one real passion. For many that passion is Crew. The gallant band of coaches over the last 50 years have helped a multitude of students discover their passion. Judging by the Alumni that I had the pleasure of meeting this spring, the passion lasts a lifetime. I spoke with Bill Brown recently. At almost 90 years old he still exudes an energetic passion for crew.
In 1956 the Warsaw pact invaded Hungary, Britain and France invaded Suez, My Fair Lady opened in New York, Mel Gibson was born and Elvis released "Heartbreak Hotel".
Also in 1956, Andover crew raced on the Merrimack for the first time. Here is the team listing for the first brave B1 and a picture of them with Coach Brown on the Merrimack.


The first brave boat


Andovercrew 1956 -- Coach Brown at the Merrimack

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