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Sunrise on the Merrimack
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To provide information and news for the Parents, Friends, and Alumni of Andover Crew.
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Fall 2005

Parents' Weekend - Friday October 21st.

Parents Weekend was a roaring success with a fantastic attendance. The gods smiled on us and provided reasonably good weather. (Probably lulling us into a false sense of security for the Head of the Charles that followed). We had families from as far away as Hawaii, New Orleans and as near as Andover. Coach Washburn gave a brief description of the planned rowing for the afternoon. This is normally essential to avoid parental anxiety as the boats disappear up river to prepare to race. This year the anxiety was vanquished because we had linked the coaches radios into a rented public address system and the crowd was treated to Coach Washburns lyrical commentary from the across the river. It sounded as though we were in the launch with him. The sound system would be a big improvement for the supporters who normally have no idea how the race is going until the boats come into sight for the last 500 meters. We hope to have a system like this in place for spring crew. We will be asking for donations to make this a reality. The system of outdoor speakers, stands, amplifier, microphone and radio adapter will cost almost $1500.
The first boats into the water were two fours manned by more experienced rowers to provide an initial show of "how it could be". They were followed by mixed experience eights. Then Coach Washburn declared the Andover race and the boats that had seemed as ungainly as a penguin on land were now slicing through the water as gracefully as penguins hunting for food underwater. The voice provided a running commentary. Andover was always in front, and in the middle and last. The once disjointed newbies were moving with grace and style, a proud endorsement of the coaches' efforts over the past weeks. A couple of newbies had to stay on land, as there was no space on the boats. Although undoubtedly disappointed, there were no long faces, no complaining, just a rush to aid the launching boats and to help their safe return. This was a gentle cameo of the spirit of crew.
Thank you to the volunteers, who manned the tables and provided the food and drink, too much it seemed until our brave riverfarers returned to land and the food magically evaporated into the mists of river air. A small insight into the ravenous appetite of Spring crew teams.

There were questions, lots of questions:

Why did we have fours when we only race eights?
It is easier to train certain aspects of rowing in fours so earlier parents had purchased the boats to help with race training.
Why do they need a person at the back to yell at them?
The coxswains primary task is to steer the boat, call out the rowing rates of the race plan and of course offer gentle positive encouragement such as "please, pretty please, try to pull just a little harder"... Well, actually, they use language a little stronger and sharper when the occasion demands.
My daughter will do crew in the spring if she makes a boat. When will we know if she makes the cut?
The coaches try hard not to cut anyone but sometimes they must. But usually there are 6 boats for both girls and boys (two varsity plus four others). The limits are boats and coaches. Typically there are three coaches training two boats each. The 5th and 6th boats have shells that are fairly old and no longer really racing material. It is time we thought of new boats.
Who pays for all the equipment?
The school pays for the day to day running costs. The boathouse, most of the boats and boat trailer have been bought with kind donations from parents, friends and alumni. In the summer of '04 supporters bought the new trailer so that we could take more boats to away races. This past year, the Ireland family donated a new boat for girl's crew that they named in honor of Coach Moss (see photos of spring season).
How much does it cost for a new boat?
A fully equipped Vespoli V1 racing boat will cost about $30k.
What are the dates for Spring races and Interschols?
The NEIRA Regatta will be held on May 27th 2006. Our first Spring race will probably be against Kent on April 15th. Kent takes their rowing seriously. They usually go south to train before the season. This year they will have some strong PGs as well as new Vespoli boats. The B1 teams race for the Dent Oars Trophy. We won last year, they will be eager to reclaim it this year. We will reserve a piece of riverbank for you. Reserve your Saturdays now.
And so the passion has captured some new victims and judging by the response of the parents this past weekend, the passion will infect other family members too. Don't resist, enjoy. Don't be shy, join in.

The Food
The Crowd

The Paddlers
The Lifters

PDay05_15The Racers

Pictures by Webparent and Rennan Quijano, more to come.

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Splashing on the Merrimack

We have now been on the Merrimack for a few weeks. The rowing is improving. A couple more weeks to Parents' Weekend.
New coxswains learning to steer in the opposite direction to a car and thinking of things to say to the rowers while trying to understand coachese. Rowers learning to push the legs, twist the wrist, exhale on the drive and keep the eyes in the boat. How come it is so complicated to push an oar through the water?
The calm of the flowing river, the power of the eight, the joy of the speed. Twenty short earth minutes from school, light years away in another mental universe. Now if only we could all row together.... soon very soon.
So far no sign of the Merrimack alligators. Warm weather, a little rain. As the days pass, the temperature drops and the students acquire layers like an expanding wasps nest. Slowly the passion for crew will take hold. The student that was, a rower will be. Look the same they will, but tougher and speaking funny words. A member of a new tribe.

Learning October 7, 2005.

The calm before the ......
Gently does it.

Splattering Splash

Looking for alligators
Yoda says 'many hands make boat fly'

For many more, larger, images click here.

To the new students:

Why waste your time running chasing a ball around a field like a swarm of lemmings when you could be enjoying the sport of Kings and Queens on the Mighty Merrimack
Come down to the waters edge, step delicately into the wobbling boat and push off... to the greatest experience of peace, power and exhilaration. Once you have felt the lurch of the boat and the breeze on your back you will know that you have found your sporting home.
The stories about alligators in the Merrimack are totally untrue...I think.
Crew boats only go out in bright sunshine...and rain, hail and snow, in fact, everything except lightning.
Everyone is welcoming and friendly...except for the annoying little person at the back who thinks you are training for Cleopatra's galleon.
You get extra points in Maths, English, History or French... well only if you single-handedly propel your boat to first place in the Spring New England Championship.
You will learn a whole new language in a single term...sadly nobody will understand except other rowers.
You will learn how to dress with more layers than an onion.
If you are a potential rower, you will not trust one word of this paragraph but you will be smart enough to come on down to try the experience of a lifetime....and send your parents the link to this website ( so that they can understand your strange behavior.

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The Tail of the Merrimack - November

The earth has tilted, the clocks have slipped an hour and afternoon crew too soon is engulfed with the dark chill of a winter's night. Time to rack the boats, stack the oars and bid au revoir to the river while the boathouse hibernates until the Spring. Not without a little tear of sadness and certainly not without one last burst of enthusiastic energy on the river…..You've heard about the Head of the Charles well, Andover has the Tail of the Merrimack.
For the last day of riding the Merrimack, the kids planned potluck races. Boat teams of mixed ability were formed. Coxswains competed in the their 'Olympics' to earn the right to choose a boat. First they struggled to see who could last the longest doing push-ups. Some of the tougher rowers would have been hard pressed to win this section. This was followed by an Andover Crew version of the Clachneart. For those of you who have not been blessed with a visit to the highland games, this is the sport of throwing a great rock as far as possible. A short run or a twist of the hips is allowed to aid the travel of the rock. There was great variation in the distance thrown and it is said the vibrations as the rock hit the ground could be felt 5 miles away, back in PA. And so the selection order chosen, the coxswains took their teams, grabbed their boats and headed for one last time to the river.
The boats rowed up river past the bridge, turned around and lined up while looking for every advantage at the start. The girls went first, racing to the finish. The boys followed as the evening closed in on the river. There was a winning boat but that was not the point. These boats were now rowed, not by school kids doing their athletic duty, not by freshers tentatively learning a new ability but by Andover rowers, everyone trained to lean, pull and twist like a seasoned river salt wearing hand blisters as the badge of masterful feats. The visions of the awkward stumbling newbies have faded along with the flooding waters towards the sea to be replaced with strong tough skilled rowers. These newbies, who used to struggle with oars as though they were knaves carrying the lances for medieval knights, now twirl the oars as though they were band majors twirling batons. And now to rest, recover and regenerate for the spring.

oct05_0187Fall fashions on the Merrimack

For Tail of the Merrimack, images click here.

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May 28th Saturday: Interschols -- Go Blue!

Quick Update:

Our first race was G3 heat at 8.40 AM and our last was B1 final at 4.50 PM. It was along day. Your sons and daughters had worked hard six days a week for the past two months to earn the right to represent Andover in the New England Championships. They shoveled the snow from the boathouse, chipped the ice off the dock, rowed in rain, sleet and stormy weather. They have rowed through aches and pains, strains and blisters, through victories and defeats and still they called it fun. This weekend they competed against allcomers to decide, for this season, who is the best New England team.
The Interschols or New England Championships are decided by a 6 boat race final. The initial competitors are divided into groups of 6 teams. These teams race "heats" for a place in the finals. If there are 12 contenders, there are two heats with the top three of each heat going on the final. If there are 18 competitors, there are 3 heats of 6 boats with the top two of each heat going on to the final.
B3: Heat: 3rd place. Final: 5th place.
B2: Heat: 4th place.
B1 Heat: 1st. Place. Final: 2nd. Place. (Silver medal)
G3:Heat: 1st Place. Final: 6th Place. (crab)
G2:Heat: 3rd Place. Final: 2nd. Place. (Silver medal)
G1 Heat: 1st. Place. Final: 2nd. Place. (Silver medal)
CONGRATULATIONS to our teams for a very, very good day.

For many more pictures click here .


Fashion sensitive B1 & G1 with matching medals


Bemedalled G2 on dock with oars!

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Update - May 21st. Weekend NMH

Quick Update: Thanks to all the parents who made the long trek to the middle kingdom of Massachusetts to provide sustenance and support to our awesome rowing teams.
Andover raced 3 boys' and 4 girls' boats. Our B1 and NMH reversed the earlier season result with NMH taking the winners position this time. Our boat did not look happy in the last 500 meters. I am sure that they will return to better form for Interschols. Our B2 boat rowed a good race and boosted their record with a 13 second winning margin. Our third boat, "the bunnies", (their name not mine!) rowed a spirited race and won well.
G1 and G2 were both on form and took their races with clear water over their opposition. G3 went down to NMH in a close race and G4 finished their racing season in glory with a victory margin of 27 seconds.

For many more pictures click here .

And now for a few photographs.

Girls off to battle
One handed de-rigging

Climbing the hill after the race.

The price of victory

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Update - May 14th. Weekend Exter

Quick Update: Thank you for all the prayers for sunshine. IT WORKED! Exeter was strong amongst the lower boats but Andover won the B5, B4, G1 and B1 races in style. Mr. Moss was surprised to find the new boat named after him in recognition for all that he has done to train and encourage the girls over many years. The girls immediately took the new "Robert A Moss" out to race and won the maiden competition. A great day was had by all. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the program and turned out to support today.

And now for a few photographs.

For many more pictures click here (second batch).

The Mr. Moss stories.
The Mr. Moss stories.

Secret pre-race planning.
A more "hot" B1 this week.

Guess who is coming to dinner?
In for one, in for all G1.

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Update - May 7th. Weekend St Pauls

Well it was the wettest, wildest, coldest, most miserable race day of the season so far. But we also had the largest group of supports and the most food of the season so far. We took pity on the St. Paul's supporters, I can't imagine why, and loaned one of our tents.

St. Paul's brought a powerful team, especially their B1 boat that has several USA team rowers and Henley victors from last year. The bright spots of the day were victories by B2, G2 and G1. Our B2 has had a tough season so far but today they 'clicked' and rowed an awesome last 500 meters to claim victory. Way to go B2! Our G2 and G1 girls just keep on winning. Today they maintained the pattern. Go girls! Our other teams went down to strong opposition from St. Paul's including our B1 boat that suffered their first loss of the season. For the season so far B1 has raced against 9 boats and beaten 8 while the G1 has raced against 12 boats and beaten 11. Not a bad record by any standards. Our '5 boats joined in the '4 races and did very well.

The biggest victory of the day was over the elements that tried so hard to interfere with our races. The conditions were heavy rain, less than 40 degrees and high winds. This made for difficult rowing and lots of inboard water. The last revenge of the elements was the shower of cold water that emptied on the rowers as they hoisted the boats above their heads at the end of the races. On a day like this you can't help wondering if bilge pumps wouldn't be a useful addition to the sleek racers.

I rarely feel sorry for modern teenagers, but today watching the rowers return drenched and shivering like water rats, I couldn't help wishing that they had a big dry boathouse with locker rooms and showers to receive them instead of a food table open to the elements, a boathouse with porta-toilets and a 20-minute bus ride back to school. Today, a better boathouse that serves 10% of the school population somehow seems more valuable than a refurbished bell tower that cant be climbed. Don't get me wrong, I like bells. The sound of chiming bells strikes a chord in my heart. It is just that the sound of almost 100 rowers cheering their teammates to the finish strikes a 100 chords in my heart.

Our rowers faced the elements, rowed their races, took the results, win or lose, with a Belichick like stoic response and will be back at practice on Monday with their normal amazing enthusiasm and commitment. They are a credit to themselves, their families and their coaches.

And now for a few photographs.

Spring in New England.
Colorful spring in New England.

For many more pictures click here.

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Update - April 30th & May 1st Weekend Salisbury, Lowell

A special thank you to all the parents who supported the races and the food this weekend in the bad weather. Encouragement is even more important on the cold wet days.
Sunday, the girls raced against Lowell, Hanover and Wayland Weston. The weather was miserable. Our G3 raced well coming in second. The G2 boat was neck and neck at the 500-yard mark but then pumped up the rate amazingly high and finished about a length ahead. Our G1 controlled the race from start to finish, looking good all the way and crossed the line as a solid winner.
Saturday the boys B1 to B5 raced Salisbury. The morning was dull but pleasant but as race time approached the weather worsened and we had a cold wet afternoon. The afternoon was brightened by visits from old and new friends. Peter McKallagat, a longtime supporter of Andover crew, was there to man the finish line. Sarah Sherman and Taylor Washburn were calling in for results as they traveled back to New Jersey with their Princeton team. Most importantly, we were joined by a group of rowers from 1965. Their B1 boat of 1965 was undefeated during the season, won Interschols and traveled to Henley, to go down to Tabor in the final of the Princess Elizabeth Cup by a deck length. That makes them, probably, the most successful team in Andover history. We know that the boat of '64 made it to the Henley semi-final. Anyone know any better?
The boats had a successful day. Salisbury brought 5 teams. They had some very big rowers. They must feed them well down there. Our B5, B4 and B3 won their races. Each race was successively closer, raising the excitement. Our B2 suffered from the dreaded crab (see cartoon on Main Page), lost ground and fought bravely back but could not overhaul Salisbury before the finish line. Our B1, so far undefeated this season, set out with high hopes. As they came out of the bridge they were down significantly. Less robust boats would have been disheartened. B1 fought back and gave spectators at the boathouse an exciting view. They dug deep into their souls and drove for the finish line to win by 5 or 6 seats. I think they just wanted to show the old timers, that the youth of today still had what it takes.

And talking of what it takes....despite the weather the old timers took the opportunity to take a shell out on the mighty Merrimack one more time. After a little meander to avoid some floating debris, they headed off up river. Their rowing was a little hesitant at first but soon the old rhythm came back. They did a "row by" in great style. They returned to the dock only to ask permission to stay on the river longer. After a repeat performance they returned to the dock reliving not only the joy of rowing but also the exhaustion of pushing to the limits.
We also had a good showing of parents despite the weather. Most were local but we had parents from Cape Cod, Rhode Island, New York and a father who took the red eye overnight from California to see his son row today. Next week, we are expecting another family from California, a family from Texas and now another from Seattle Although the students do not get to spend much time with their families during the races, they do appreciate the support. One of the B1 rowers told me how encouraging it was to hear the "Go Blue" cheers as they passed the boathouse. On the food table it was more a day of drinking chocolate and hot sandwiches with meat cooked on a mini grill than the fruit, subs and cold drinks of warmer days.
We ended the day with the ceremonial dunking of several coxswains and everyone headed home. The class of '65 held a reception in the Andover Inn where they shared their experiences with today's B1 team. It has to be inspirational to today's rowers to see alum with such strong feelings for their crew days.

And now for a few photographs. Out of respect, we have uploaded the Class of '65 first. (We will add more later)

For many more pictures from Salisbury & Lowell click here.

Go Boys Go!
Even after forty years, you never forget

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Update - Lake Quinsigamond - Invitational

Quick Update: We raced all eight boats today at Lake Quinsigamond, Worcester. Parents, last year contributed to purchase the larger trailer to allow us to transport 8 boats. See Photos. It was a misty, miserable day. All boats rowed well against tough competition including Exeter, Simsbury, St. John's and NMH. Our G2 faced off the competition and won a great victory. B1 followed with a fantastic row while the other boats had a race for second place, a full length behind. Our G1 finished off the day in style with a commanding win worthy of the best of Andover. Who cares about the rain. The sun was shining from inside our rowers.
The Race: I crawled out onto a rocky promontory to gain a vantagepoint for photographs. I sat surrounded on three sides by hungry water lapping at my feet. I sheltered under an umbrella, more for my camera's sake than mine. I stared through the soggy mist into the distance. No movement. I heard a foot. Coach Washburn in his Santa Claus survival suit armed with a matching pair of binoculars. He stood proud on the rock like a Viking warrior chief awaiting the son's return. I almost called out "Odin" but maybe this was not the time for humor. Movement, I saw movement in the distance. I strained my fading eyes, searching for the telltale blue on the tips of the oars. I thought, I thought I saw ... "They are in front by a little bit" ....magic! But how will they hold off the sprinters? Maybe imagination, maybe sight. I think I can see an octreped, jumping like a rabbit with four feet on either side. The feet, there're blue! Oh yes! They are coming closer, seemingly faster with each jump. They are closer now, time to click the camera. Focused only on the photocomposition. Dam the haze. Hope the focus is good. Where the hell are the other boats? "Maybe it is a BIG little bit". I lift my eyes from the viewfinder. My God, they are a full boat ahead. How can this be? You can almost feel the rhythm, we will, we will, we will. They come abreast. Clear water. The Coxswain glances side to side. She barks an incantation. She should be fierce but she is smiling. She knows they are winning. The boat still pulls, the rowers curve in parallel, the boat stretches towards the line. The cheers pass over my head. Some demanding, some imploring, some just comforting. The line is passed, the boat freewheels, the rowers collapse, some smiling, some cursing, some just dazed. The race is run, the race is won, and the boat swings round to cheer the girls. No trash talk, no self-praise, just clean strong rowing. Good race, well run. I rise to move to shore. I misstep and fill my shoe with lake. My foot is cold, my heart is warm. I turn to cheer and then move on.

Lake Quinsigamond - Invitational April 23rd.

Oh Yes!
Did we just win a race?

This is our boat!
The leaning tower of B1

For many more pictures click here.

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Update - Kent races


Kent Update: Kent and Andover had G1-G3 and B1-B4. Brookline and Lowell had fewer teams. The Girls had a total of 6 races and won 3 of them. The boys had 5 races and won 3 of them. It was only 10 days ago that the rowers were chipping the ice from the boathouse door, dropping the boats into the freshly melted water and pulling on the oars for the first time. Now 10 days later they were going up against a school that goes to Florida to have a jump on the New England Spring. The girls lost to Kent and then beat the Lowell boats with ease. I remember our awesome G2 from last year. I am sure their best is still to come. Our boys won two and lost two against Kent and then won against Brookline. The B4 race had to stop after 300 meters because of problems with both boats. Andover won the restarted race. B3 and B2 lost to Kent. B2 had an exciting three-way finish with all three boats within a second of each other. It amazes me that after rowing for 5 minutes, boats are within parts of seconds of each other. And then there was the B1 match for the Dent Oars. In 1975 the Dent family presented a trophy for the winners of the boy's B1 race between Andover and Kent. This year Kent was the favorite in most people's minds. They have won 25 of the last 30 races. They had prepared in the sun. They had home river advantage on a currenty, curvy waterway. Unknown to them, two of our rowers and the coxswain spent Friday morning in Isham with stomach bugs. Unknown to our rowers, Kent had acquired a new Vespoli V1 boat, the latest and supposedly fastest racing craft from the famous boat builder. The race started and none of the pre-race rationale mattered anymore. One river, two boats, 1500 meters. The race started. Kent was up off the start. Andover pushed ahead going into the 500 and held a steady lead. In the last 500, from where I was on the finish line, it looked like Kent tried made a push, but Andover were too strong and took the Dent Oars to make it 3-3 for this century. B1 went on to win a last race against Brookline. Now the races are past and the teams have to focus on the invitational at Lake Quinsigamond.


The Dent Oars are BACK!

For many more pictures click here.

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Update - Spring '05 Trying week

During spring break the rowers had to use fans to simulate the feel of the wind and recordings to simulate the sound of the river while they worked on their erg machines. Last week they launched the dock into the Mighty Merrimack. At last the brush of the air and the rush of the water.
This week the coaches are starting to organize the rowers into teams. Trying to create balanced boats based on strength and technique. Some rowers are bisweptual. Wonderful word, it means they can row port or starboard. Others only row well on one side. Sadly for some, a boat needs 4 port and 4 starboard. Sometimes a rower can miss a place on a boat because there are just too many ports or starboards. In that case being bisweptual can be a very good thing.
This is a tough week. Everyone reaches for his or her physical limits. Many have set personal goals. There will be some disappointment. Some will be tempted to give up. For most the pull of the river and the support of their friends will help them stay the course. As the days pass, the boats will settle down and work on technique, timing and power. We are only seven days from the first race.

Trying week photos April 4-9th.

For many more, larger, images click here.

Oh to be on the water!
Reaching out for terra (almost) firma..

Update - The dock is in the water

Here in New England the snow is still on the ground. For most people Spring is still a thing of the future. But a rower sees the world with a different eye. Most people think Ol Man Winter still holds the world in his icy grip. The rower senses the slightest slip of the hand. A single slip, no matter how slight, is all that counts. The rower leaps to reclaim the river. Many of us think our kids are part of a softer pampered generation. Down at the river today there were no softies. If someone asked you to organize 50 teenagers to work in unison, you might advise them to visit the men in white coats. Down at the river today they worked in unison unencumbered by adult advice as though Coach Washburn and Coach Green had some higher form of telepathy worthy of Gandalf himself.

They were no slackers, there was no hesitation, there was only action. The ice was chipped from the boathouse doorway. The snow was shoveled aside. The floating dock was assembled piece by piece and slowly encouraged towards the dock. A few brave souls had to man the dock as it was floated onto the river like a giant Egyptian barge. Slowly it was floated into place using the launch as a tugboat. Anchors away and the dock was in place. Only one little detail, the connection to shore. Again a mini army of intelligent beings carried the ramp and slip-slided it into place.
If you were in awe of the building of the Great Wall, now you known it was only the ancestors of Andover Crew building a road to the water. While the main body was moving the dock, a smaller group was working intensely to rig the boats. One last longing look at dusk over the river, the chilly air repelled by the knowledge that all is ready to launch.

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Spring Crew ('05) has begun!

For more, larger, images click here.

This white stuff is not sand!
The Andover snowboat.

VDockLaunch_34Cool dusk on the river.


Spring Schedule

The Andover Crew 2005 Spring Race Schedule.

To live is to row, to row is to race, to race is to test the limits. Neira beckons.


A Call to Oars:
Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
Then imitate the action of the tiger;
Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,
Disguise fair nature with hard-favour'd rage;
Now set the teeth and stretch the nostril wide,
Hold hard the breath and bend up every spirit
To the full height. On, on, you noblest rowers.
Whose limbs were made in New England show us here
The mettle of your pasture; let us swear
That you are worth your breeding; which I doubt not;
For there is none of you so mean and base,
That hath not noble lustre in your eyes.
I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips,
Straining upon the start. The game's afoot:
Follow your spirit, and upon this charge
Cry 'Go for myself, my family and Andover Crew!'
(Mostly from Henry V Act 3 Scene 1)
- Apologies to Will Shakespeare.

Possible Andover Spring Racing Schedule 2005 (How many boats depends the other school)
Date Day Team Opponent Site Time
10-Apr-2005 Sat Boys B1-B4 Kent Home Results
10-Apr-2005 Sat Girls G1-G4 Kent Home Results
17-Apr-2005 Sat Boys B1-B4 St. Johns,Simsbury,Exeter Away Results
17-Apr-2005 Sat Girls G1-G4 Simsbury,Exeter,NMH Away Results
21-April-2005 Wed Girls G3-G4 Groton Home1.30 PM
24-Apr-2005 Sat Boys B1-B6 Salisbury & Brunswick Away Results
24-April-2005 Sat Girls No race scheduled - -
01-May-2005 Sat Boys B1-B5 St.Pauls,CRI Away Results
01-May-2005 Sat Girls G1-G5 St.Pauls,CRI Away Results
8-May-2005 Sat Boys B1-B6 Tabor-Exeter Home Results
8-May-2005 Sat Girls G1-G5 Tabor-Exeter Home Results
12-May-2005 Wed Boys B?-B? Belmont Home Moved to Sat.
15-May-2005 Sat Boys B1-B3 N.M.H. & Belmont Home Results
15-May-2005 Sat Girls G1-G3 N.M.H. & Belmont Home Results
22-May-2005 Sat Boys B1-B3 Interscholastics (NEIRA) Away Results
22-May-2005 Sat Girls G1-G3 Interscholastics (NEIRA) Away Results

The teams and supporters arrive a couple of hours earlier to setup for the races.

For pass year results: go to the drop down menu and select the year.
If you do not find the year you wanted, you can try finding the results on row2k.

For Past Year's Results on row2k


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