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Sunrise on the Merrimack
Sunset on the Merrimack

2011 - USRowing Youth National Championships Boys: Silver Medals

2011 - New England Championships Boys: Team Trophy 1st., B1 Gold, B2 Bronze, B3 Gold,

2011 - New England Championships Girls: Team Trophy 4th., G1 Bronze, G2 5th, G3 Bronze



To provide information and news for the Parents, Friends, and Alumni of Andover Crew.
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Rowing has been a strong program at Andover since the 1950s. We owe our program to the Coach Brown and the first intrepid souls who dared to master the Merrimack. Every generation since then has done their bit to support and grow the program to the amazing experience available to today's young rowers and coxswains. As parents, friends and alumni we should give thanks for the passion shared. Now it is our turn to plan forward for the students not yet infected with the rowing passion. We must build for their future.

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2011 Fall information

We have posted some fall pictures at Fall pictures 1 and Fall pictures 2.

Andover Crew is featured in an article in the October edition of Rowing News. Coach Washburn is quoted by author Alessandra Bianchi explaining the fall rowing program. If anyone would like a free copy mailed to them then simply send you name and address to

For the fall Coach Washburn will lead the boys and Coach Hurley the girls. Becca Waldo '07 and Michelle Darby '07 are returning to PA as crew coaches. Becca rowed these past four years for Bates College and Michelle coxed for the University of Washington. It seems only yesterday when these two were racing for Andover.

Alumni boat in the Head of the Charles


This fall the Friends of Andover Crew aka BIG BLUE will be racing in the Head of the Charles Regatta. Chris Maietta '74 and Maggie Klarberg Kennedy '96 applied for Menís and Womenís racing entries for the Alumni event at the HoCR. In the lottery we were not awarded a place for the women but we do have an entry for the men.
Our BIG BLUE boat of alumni will race on Saturday 22nd at 10.55 am. We will celebrate with lunch at the Andover tent in the Reunion Village afterwards. We will start a page on this website for the Alumni team.
The team so far is Tom Boyle '74, Forty Conklin '79, Dave Lippold '74, John Pawlowski '74, Carl Taeusch '63, Randy Tagg '73, Hunter Washburn '00, Vincent Broderick '71 and Sarah Sherman '04. We are hoping the team will join us for a practice during Parent's day at the boathouse and everyone is invited to the Andover Crew tent at the HoCR to cheer the boat on Saturday morning.
All traditions have to start somewhere and we hope this will be the start of a new tradition of entering both menís and womenís boats in the alumni event. Click on the picture for the HoCR team page.

Andover Crew Community


Some of us still use ink and paper while others use Blackberries and iPhones to communicate. You can participate with Andover crew via this web page and the links at the top of this page to our Guest book, our Facebook group, our Twitter feed and our LinkedIn group. You can also sign-up for our email newsletter by contacting us at We welcome participation, comments, suggestions and especially stories and pictures of Andover rowers young and old. We are happy to help people reconnect with old boatmates.
Our LinkedIn group is our latest addition. We hope our LinkedIn group will provide the opportunity for the Andover Crew family to provide support for our younger rowers as they move into the world. Our young men and women who have maintained good grades while spending 25 to 30 hours a week on competitive rowing at the countries top colleges have already proved that would be valuable additions to any organization that wants to be successful. Membership is only open to rowers, alumni and parents. Click on the picture to join the LinkedIn group..

2011 USRowing Junior National Championship

Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fastest of them all. Well in rowing there is only one way to know. A race over 1500 m. The B1 boat won Interschols to prove they were the fasted boat in New England. For years other rowers questioned whether or not New England schools were as fast as they claimed. In the very recent years Andover and Kent have put their reputations on the line and entered in the USRowing Junior National Championships. Andover has entered in 2009 and again this year. In 2009 the B1 boat won Silver.

This year B1 again went up against the very best rowing teams from all over the USA. They continued to train every day after Interschols. Early morning rowing in June on a glass-like Merrimack with their boat will be a memory they will cherish for years to come.
Our B1 won their Heat and came second in the Semi Final and again raced in the Final to win the Silver medal. Of all the junior rowing schools and clubs from Florida to Washington State, from California to Maine there is only one single team that can manage to row 1500 m faster than Andover. Not bad for medium sized high school in the suburbs of Boston. Pretty good for the 8 rowers and coxswain who manage to train while also surviving the demanding academic rigor of Andover. Not a bad story for these rowers to tell their grand children 50 years from now when they are the same age as the students who founded Andover Crew.
Click here for some photos of B1 in action and on the podium
podium picture

Sport Graphic Photos

This year Phillips academy recognized Tom Pollack, a 1961 rower, who went on to row in the Olympics by inducting him into the Athletic Hall of Honor. 50 years on our B1 boat is continuing and expanding on the tradition started all those years ago. These young rowers honored Tom Pollack by showing that the spirit of the í61 rowers is alive and growing at Andover.
Our thanks also to all the parents, especially Stewart MacDonald and Margery Kennelly, who organized and financed the trip to Oak Ridge Tennessee. There were flights, hotels, food, transportation and uniforms to be organized in a very short period of time. Coach Washburn assisted by Walker Washburn drove the trailer all the way to Oak Ridge. Our thanks to the school for supporting the team training after school had finished and Bob the bus driver and enthusiastic supporter who made sure they were on time for training and their flight to Tennessee. A great effort by all.
What a way to end our season. Congratulations to our coaches on their incredible success this year.

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Interschols '11 races

For pictures from the Interschol's races click
Interschol 2011 by Stacee Bell
Interschol pictures

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NMH '11 races

May 21st: We had a bad weather day again. The day started and ended with sunshine.
It poured just when we need it to shine. We won all the races that we managed to schedule.

For pictures from the NMH's races click
NMH pictures
NMH pictures 2

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Exeter-Tabor '11 races

May 14th is a big day for Andover Crew. We will host Exeter and Tabor for races. It is also Grandparents' Weekend so it is always a little bit special for the families and the rowers. Last year we appealed for help to refurbish our equipment. Through generous donations we have new equipment including boats and oars. We usually reserve Grandparents' Weekend to dedicate our boats. Like all water people we give our boats names. This year we will be dedicating Melrose, Mytilene and Dauntless. We will be asking everyone to join us a little earlier for the ceremony.

For pictures from the Exeter's races click
Boat Dedication pictures
Exeter-Tabor's pictures 1
Exeter-Tabor's pictures 2
Exeter-Tabor's pictures 3 by Gina Sigal
Exeter-Tabor's pictures 4 by Gina Sigal

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St. Paul's '11 races

The races with St. Paul's and CRI had to be abandoned because the New England weather brought lightning. Andover boats will row in rain, hail or snow but we draw the line at lightning for safety reasons. Although very disappointing everyone, especially the tallest rowers, agreed we had to be safe. The remaining schedule probably precludes a later date for CRI but we hope to invite St. Paul's for Wednesday 18th.

For pictures from the St.Paul's Day click
St.Paul's pictures 1

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Salisbury and Brunswick '11 races

We had a great day at the lake in Salisbury. A big thank you to all the parents and grandparent who made the trip.

It is normally sunny at Salisbury but this year there was also a strong wind. Salisbury is also special because the finish line is only a few strokes from the edge of the lake so every boat has to stop hard as soon as they cross the line.

Coach Washburn took 7, yes 7, boats of boys to race against Salisbury and Brunswick. He returned with 7 winners!! Congratulations.
See link to results in Race Schedule below.

Salisbury had 5 boats, Brunswick had 6 and Andover had 7 so the last race was Andoverís 6th and 7th boats with Brunswickís 6th boat. Last year the Salisbury races were close. This year every Andover boat won by open water. For the lower boats this was their first competitive race and all performed very well.

On a bus
Parent's boat

We have uploaded some pictures from Salisbury.
Salisbury pictures 1
Salisbury pictures 2 by Gina Sigal

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Andover Exeter Invitational at Lake Quinsigamond '11

All photos have been uploaded.

We raced four boats f boys and girls. The weather was very wet with a strong head wind moving a little to the port side in the last 500 meters. The wind made the floating more like trying to catch two butterflies with one net. Floating starts mean that the starter tries to get the boats to line up for the start. No mean feat with 4 or 5 boats on a calm day but with a strong head wind the chances of all boats staying in line for more than a few seconds are pretty small.
All of boats did very well. The early races, G4, B3 and G3, had the worst of the weather. On the girls side we beat everyone except the big red monster, Exeter. G4 did well in the conditions and outraced Boston Latin and Brookline but fell to a stronger Exeter boat. G3 won their race in style. G2 had a rough start and had to fight back after the first 500 meters. They took care of business with Boston Latin and Brookline but could not hunt down Exeter. G1 had a clean fast start and took the lead but Exeter caught up with them and for the middle of the race they matched move for move. Coming into the last section Exeter took an early sprint and grabbed almost a length of lead to claim victory. We still have some weeks to work on a last 500 meter sprint.
On the boysí side the competition was Exeter, St. Johnís, Simsbury and Brookline. Our B4 came in second in a 6 boat race behind St. Johnís. Our B3 came in third after St. Johnís and Exeter but ahead of Simsbury. There will be tough competition in these boats for the places in B3 at Interschols. Our B2 had a tough race. The starting judge used a flag instead of the standard calls and Exeter jump into a lead off the start. Andover dug deep and ground down the lead leaving St. Johnís, Simsbury and Brookline in their wake while they caught up with Exeter at around the half way mark. The two boats then duked it out with Andover taking a couple of seats lead and holding onto it to the finish to claim victory. Our B1 took off with a fast start and raced down the lake. Exeter and St. Johnís stayed with them to make it a three way race for the finish but B1 pulled well ahead to win with open water.

Wet and cold..
Coach is well suited

We have uploaded some pictures from from Lake Q.
Lake Quinsigamond pictures 1
Lake Quinsigamond pictures 2

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Kent '11 races

Good job
A Cold day !!

The Dent Oars are coming home!.
Click here for pictures_1.
Click here for more pictures_2.
Click here for more pictures_3.

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Racing April 9th

Well we have had our first day of spring racing. We were blessed with a crisp sunny New England spring day and almost ideal rowing condition with a light tailwind and a strong current. Normally we have "Away" or "Home" races but today was a betwixt and between day. Technically it was an "Away" day. The races were run by Essex Rowing Club on their race course upriver from the I-93 bridge but we launched and landed our boats from our boathouse. Supporters had to travel to a point upriver to see the races. It was a little frustrating in that the best viewing place was about the 750m mark so the finish was too far away to know who won. This was a first taste of racing for some of our lower boat rowers and a first race for the boat configurations.

Essex offered very competent competition today. Our G1 made a little slow start and did not settle into a good rhythm until the second 500m. Once they found their stride they moved out in front and finished with a boat length of open water. They will need to work on their starts next week.
All of our G2, G3 and G4 won their races with 4.5, 3.7 and 2.7 seconds respectively. A solid performance for a first day out but still room for improvement over the coming week before we travel to meet Kent.
Our B1 and B2 combined to race the Essex B1. Our B1 took the lead from the start and gradually moved further ahead. The Essex boat moved out ahead of B2. B2 settled into a steady rating of about 34 and held onto the Essex boat but could not take them. The race finished with B1 ahead by 9 seconds of open water and B2 about a length behind Essex. Our B3 and B4 raced the Essex B2. This was a tough challenge against an Essex B2 who looked very good. It was a first serious race for some of our rowers. B3 edge out Essex by 1 second or about 3 seats and Essex had open water over B4.

Juice box comfort
Sleek white
Dropping the hammer
Distance 10, Style 2
Click here for more pictures_1.
Click here for more pictures_2.

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Early Spring Crew

Andover Crew is back! The river ice has melted. The boathouse snow has receded and a tribe of about 120 shivering rowers attacked the Merrimack. The sun was shining but a blustery wind chopped the water. It was tough rowing until the boats made it upriver from the bridge.

Thanks to very generous donations we have acquired new boats, oars and cox boxes over the winter. The new equipment is already on the river. We race Vespoli V1s for competition and we now have our first Vespoli Advantages. The Advantage is very similar to the V1 but with a hull a little more U shaped for stability for the younger rowers. The kids love the new boats.

On the boys side this spring Coach Washburn and Coach Hurley are joined by Coach Jen Bauer '93 who is coaching B5, B6 & B7. On the girls side we welcome Coach Sallie Batchelor coaching G1 and G2. Coach Peter Saltsman '78 returns to coach G3 & G4 and they are joined Coach Ruth Doherty with G5 & G6. Everyone is excited by the strength and depth of the program this year.

We are hoping there will be one addition to the racing schedule, Essex Rowing Club on April 9th. The coaches are still working on which boats and exactly where we will race. The race course might be above the bridge. Watch this space and facebook for updates.
We are looking forward to meeting new and old friends by the river. Although they might not always express it openly we know the athletes love to have their family and friends supporting them at the races. So come on down to the river bank!!

Dragging the launch through the snow
Hunters for early spring
Boys on the water
Andover Crew is back!

Click here for more pictures.



The Mighty Merrimack is free of ice. The river is calling the rowers to free their boats from the frozen snow covered boathouse. The rowers must prepare. In a few short weeks they will be expected to race their hearts out over 1500 meter of water. They must prepare their bodies for this huge effort. This past week the beloved erg machines have been brought out of storage to the Smith building. Three rows of eight torture machines. Rowing is not a genteel sport. There is no physical contact with your opponent but rowing is a very physical sport. Erging is just you and a machine against the world. Just take a seat, attach the foot straps, grab the pull bar and then push with your feet, pull with your arms as hard as you can for 2000 meters. A 7:00 minute 2k takes about 300 watts so the 24 rowers all doing 2ks generate about 7.2 KW of energy.

Girls at the catch
Guys at the finish
Click here for more Erg pictures.

They will push their lungs, heart and muscles to the limit. They will feel the pain in their muscles thanks to the lactic acid. The effort and motion makes them want to throw up. There is a reason erg rooms have large plastic buckets. All this for a few metaphorical inches. The inches that make the difference between winning and losing. When a rower needs that extra strength in the last 500m meters to eek out those extra few inches they will be glad for the effort spent on the erg.

A rower is not a typical teenager. To output 300 watts in a few minute means they have to eat more than your average teenager. The training means extra muscles where some may not have had them before. And then there are the rowerís hands. Most school kids have soft delicate hands that have never known hard labor. A rowerís handshake tends to illicit an involuntary look of surprise on the recipient. People do not expect high school students to have the hands of a manual laborer. Calluses and blisters are a price the rower has to pay for all the work done.

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Spring Schedule

Date Day Team Opponent Site Time
9-Apr-2011 Sat Boys B1-B4 Essex Rowing Club Away Results
9-Apr-2011 Sat Girls G1-G4 Essex Rowing Club Away Results
16-Apr-2011 Sat Boys B1-B4 Kent Away Results
16-Apr-2011 Sat Girls G1-G4 Kent Away Results
23-Apr-2011 Sat Boys B1-B4 St. Johns,Simsbury,Exeter Away Results
23-Apr-2011 Sat Girls G1-G4 Simsbury,Exeter,NMH Away Results
30-Apr-2011 Sat Boys B1-B5 Salisbury & Brunswick Away Results
30-April-2011 Sat Girls No race scheduled
07-May-2011 Sat Boys B1-B4 St.Pauls,CRI,Hanover Home Results
07-May-2011 Sat Girls G1-G4 St.Pauls,CRI,Hanover Home Results
07-May-2011 Sat Boys B5-B7 Lowell Novince Challenge Home Results
07-May-2011 Sat Girls G5-G6 Lowell Novince Challenge Home Results
14-May-2011 Sat Boys B1-B6 Tabor-Exeter Home Results
14-May-2011 Sat Girls G1-G5 Tabor-Exeter Home Results
15-May-2011 Sat Boys B5-B7 Lowell Invitational Home Results
18-May-2011 Wed Boys B3-B6 Belmont Home No race
21-May-2011 Sat Boys B1-B3 N.M.H. Away Results
21-May-2011 Sat Girls G1-G3 N.M.H Away Results
28-May-2011 Sat Boys B1-B3 Interscholastics (NEIRA) Away 9.00 AM
28-May-2011 Sat Girls G1-G3 Interscholastics (NEIRA) Away 9.00 AM
How many boats depends the other school.

For past years' results go to

The time listed are approximate times for the first racing boat to go on the water. The teams and supporters arrive about an hour earlier to setup for the races.

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Andover crew Hats - THE definitive fashion statement this Spring

We have re-ordered Andover Crew hats. Every rower and coach will a free hat before Grandparents' Weekend. Over 130 hats. Additional hats have been purchased for parents, friends and alumni of Andover Crew. These hats are available for a donation of $15 plus postage if required. Wear your hat when you visit the campus to show your support for the crew program. When we reach a 150 donations, we will have covered the cost of the hats for the rowers.
If you would like a hat please email We will email you donation instructions. The hats are lightweight with a built in sweat band.:

Andover Crew Hat - front
Andover Hat - back

We also have a small quantity of dark blue and light blue visors for $10.

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