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2009 - USRowing Youth National Championships Boys: Silver Medals

2009 - New England Championships Boys: Team Trophy 1st.(for a record third year), B1 Gold, B2 Gold, B3 Silver,

2009 - New England Championships Girls: Team Trophy 2nd., G1 Silver, G2 Silver, G3 5th.


2009 Crew

Recent news

The Races are coming! The Races are coming! The students are enjoying a spring break from classes and preparing for the spring racing season. The boathouse forecourt is still covered in snow but the dock is in the water ready for the first brave souls to test the freezing water.

We have updated the spring race schedule. The first race will be away at Kent for the Dent Oars and the Hart Perry Cup. This is an opportunity for family and friends from the Tri-State area to join us for a racing afternoon. The following week we will have the Andover Exeter invitational at Lake Quinsigamond near Worcester. This is a chance for the boats to test out the Interschols racing lake. On the third week the boys and girls split. From this year on, the boys will always travel to Salisbury to allow us to race Salisbury and Brunswick who travel up from Greenwich. The girls will race at home against Groton on 22nd,April. The girls will not race against Lowell HS on the Sunday morning, this season.
On May 2nd., we will be at home to St. Paul's where Hanover HS will join the girls' race. May 9th will be Grandparnets' Weekend and our home race against Exeter. We will be dedicating a new girls' boat this weekend. We will end the regular season with an away match with our friends at NMH. We usually do a joint food table with the NMH parents.
And finally....on May 16th we will compete at Lake Quinsigamond for the New England Championships. This year is the 50th anniversary of the first time Andover won the Interschols Championship in 1959. Perhaps some of the '59ers will come and cheer "GO BLUE" for us.

Andover crew has started another year. The newbies are on the river splashing and wobbling along the Merrimack gradually becoming more stable and more synchronized. Soon they will start to look like Andover rowers and then one afternoon the rhythm will click and they will discover the joy of slicing through the water like a saber. For many this will be an addictive thrill that will sustain them to racing victories in the spring. Parents and friends of Andover crew will have the opportunity to join the rowers at practice on October 23rd at 3 PM for an open boathouse event as part of Parents' Weekend. For new parents, who may have thought that they children had lost their minds or at least had started speaking a strange language, the visit will help explain the change. Many new parents are a little shocked at their offspring manhandling 62 foot boats and shocked again to see their once delicate hands covered with the blisters and calluses that are the badge of a tough rower. Most shocking of all is the sheer joy the rowers appear to take in what is a very very tough sport.

It is time for the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston. It is the largest 2-day regatta in the world, with more than 8,000 athletes rowing in around 1750 boats in 56 events. It attracts about 300,000 spectators throughout Regatta weekend of October 17-18th. Andover will be hosting a tent (#2) in the Reunion Village by Weeks Bridge.
The HoCR will include many Andover alums as competitors. Check out Friends of Andover Crew on facebook for a HoCR event listing Andover competitors. Enjoy the regatta and arrange to meet old friends at the Andover tent. We will have warm drinks and snacks. The Reunion Village includes food and bar services as well as one of the best places on the river to watch the races. So pull on the thermal underwear for the first time, wrap up in your wet gear, cheer for your favorite college or club boat and enjoy a New England Fall weekend with people almost as crazy as yourself.

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Summer News 2009

The Andover B1 has won silver medals at the USRowing Youth National Championships!! They rowed a strong 2000m race. They came in second place to Newport and ahead of Kent by about a second. This is a very impressive performance by our boat and with New England schools taking 2nd. and 3rd. it shows the competitive level of our New England rowing programs.
CONGRATULATIONS to the rowers and coxswain and of course Coach Washburn. We should remember that a fast B1 boat comes up from well trained competitive lower boats, so this is a success for all the rowers and coaches of Andover Crew.

USRowing Youth National Championship Silver Medal Winners

Having won the New England Championships, Andover Crew accepted an invitation to race at the 2009 USRowing Youth National Championships (June 12-14, 2009), at Harsha Lake outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. This is the first time that Andover boys have entered this event. It is a 2000m race against the best crews from all over the USA.
If you are in the area, stop by and cheer them on.

Latest: The Final will be at 1 PM on Sunday June 14th. If every Andover Crew supporter yells "Go Blue" at exactly 1 PM they will probably hear us in Cincinnati. It will be a very tough race, all 6 teams look to have another gear available for the finals.
For live results please go to
Semi #1 won by Capital crew in 6.07.26, the second semi was won by Kent in 6.07.98 and the third semi was won by Andover in 6.11.57. So both Andover and Kent from New England are through to the finals!

The boys stayed after school ended to train for the Youth National Championships. Here are some pictures of their idyllic rowing on the Merrimack. This boat is all seniors so these were their last days on our river.
Click here for more pictures of them Training for Nationals
Pure power
Mobile meditation


Alumni Summer

2009 IRA National Championships (Men)

Andover Crew Alumni were well represented at the 107th IRA races. Scotty was 4th in the V8 final in the Brown boat, Michelle was 1st in the Washington JV, Colin was on the Cornell boat, Karl was rowing for Harvard and Chip was following in the footsteps of his famous brother in the Stanford boat. Mrs Washburn sent cookies for race recovery!

Chip at IRA 2009
Karl at IRA 2009
Colin taking delivery of Washburn cookies
Scotty and a slightly wet Michelle

Here are more pictures of IRAs but you can guess who I was supporting.
Click here for IRA's_1
Click here for IRA's_2
Click here for IRA's_3

Reunion Village - Head of the Charles - October 17th & 18th

It was one of the coldest Head of the Charles event that we have attended.

Seattle Times -chill out at Head of the Charles
The tradition is ...
Alumin Visiting
Supporter from far away
It is snowing !!

For more fall crew picture:
Click here for FallCrew_1
Click here for FallCrew_2
Click here for FallCrew_3

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Parents Weekend '09

We were blessed with bright sunshine and a big crowd of parents for our Parents' Weekend open day. Most of our newbies had never rowed before Andover and for most of the parents this was a new experience. Coaches Washburn and Green gave short speeches of explanation and answered questions. Taylor Washburn '03 and Jackie Latina '04, our youngest new additions to the coaching staff circulated amongst the parents answering questions.
There were expressions of surprise, awe and pride on the parents' faces as they bundles of joy manhandled or womenhandled the launches down the docks followed by the 200 lb 55 ft racing shells. The parents we so taken with the spectacle that most followed the boats down the ramp to the dock for the best view. Many parents had felt the passion in their sons and daughters descriptions of their afternoons on the Mighty Merrimack but had struggled to grasp what was special about paddling on a river for a couple of hours. Most left the boathouse infected with the passion. One mother said that she hoped her daughter continued with crew so that she, the mother, could come back for the races in the spring.
The Parents and Friends of Andover Crew provided a food table and handouts about the program and the seemingly weird words that had slipped into the student's vocabulary. Click here for pictures of Parents' Day

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Interschol '09

New England Championships 2009

Quick Update: Interschols - New England Championships. Our rowers and coaches once again provided a stellar performance. Rowing is a tough sport. Months of grueling training and intense focus all for a 5 minute race. Each year we take on the other schools in New England and each year we find that Andover Crew kids do it better and faster than everyone else.
We had some very exciting races. We ended up with Boys: Team Trophy 1st., B1 Gold, B2 Gold, B3 Silver & Girls: Team Trophy 2nd., G1 Silver, G2 Silver, G3 5th. An absolutely awesome performance worth every blister, every aching muscle and every shivering afternoon practice. To all of our teams and coaches a huge thank you and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Thank you to all the parents and alumni that turned out to support the team!
We should mention that it is exactly 50 years since Andover first won an Interschols championship in 1959 and that Andover is the first school to win the boy's team trophy for 3 years in a row. In the last 4 years the B1 boat has had 2 gold and 2 silver medals and a Henley semifinal. The girls G1 have had 3 silver and 1 bronze medal and a Henley Women's regatta final. Consistently powerful results from a program that dedicates the fall session to teaching new students to row for the first time.
This was also a multiple Washburn event. Parker Washburn stroked the B1 boat to top off his career of 2 silvers and 2 golds. Taylor Washburn '03, a teaching fellow, coached the B2 to gold and was thrown into the lake with the coxswains and last but by no means least coach Peter Washburn our own Yoda of crew. Our coach who senses things other mortals can't see, uses very few words and answers most requests for advice with questions that allow the seeker to find the answers within themselves.

Click here detailed NEIRA race results
Click here detailed Team points results

We have done it ..
Well done

We have posted pictures of the the Interschol's races.
Click here for Interschol's_1
Click here for Interschol's_2
Click here for Interschol's_3
Click here for Interschol's_4
Click here for Interschol's_5

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NMH '09

The Coaches took 4 boats each to NMH. We had dull but warm weather and slightly choppy water. Our boats were in fine form. Our 4th boats raced against NMH boats that had some 3rd. boat rowers. All our boats did well, they all looked better than last week but there is still room for improvement before Interschols. We won all the races by open water. We shared food tables with our NMH friends who, as usual, were great hosts. We will meet again in a week at Interschols.

The tradition is ...
that the winning coxswain...
is thrown in the river...
we are not sure why...
so this week we had...
many very wet coxswains

We have posted pictures of the the NMH's races.
Click here for NMH's_1
Click here for NMH's_2
Click here for NMH's_3
Click here for NMH's_4

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Exeter and Tabor May 9th. '09

Updates - Exeter, Tabor races May 9th

We have posted the link in the schedule to the race results and times. A glorious Grandparents' day for Andover Crew. Warm mostly sunny weather, light wind, calm water and an amazing turnout of grandparents, parents, alumni and friends....and Andover won 8 of the 11 races.

Applying the "go faster" elixir
Eleanor Bache cutting the cake for Eleanor Bache, the boat

We have posted pictures of the the Exeter's races.
Click here for Exeter's_1
Click here for Exeter's_2
Click here for Exeter's_3
Click here for Exeter's_4

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St.Pauls '09

The first race was our boys' four. We have a couple of fours donated by the Metz family that are used for skill training in the fall. This day was to be the first ever race for the four boys and for the boat, only the girl coxswain had racing experience. They were entered in a race organized by the Lawrence boat club. They were a little nervous beforehand. On the start they took off like a dog escaping to garden for the first time in spring. They led for more than the first half of the course and slipped into second place by the finish. A worthy effort for their first race and a new milestone for Andover crew. Very few schools can field 6 boats so our first race was St. Paul's and our B4, B5 and B6 boats. Our boats had all raced the previous weekend on the quiet Salisbury lake. Today they were to test their metal and their coxswain's steering on the mighty Merrimack. The conditions were a close to perfect as the Merrimack ever allows, flat water, low wind and gentle current. They started above the 93 bridge. Without the sound system we were all staring into the distance looking for the first signs of pond skaters coming towards the boathouse. As they emerged from the bridge, the four boats looked majestic spread across the expanse of water. They were rowing well. The order was set early in the race and held to the finish with B4, B5, St Paul's and B6 crossing the line in that order with open water between all the boats. B6 were a little disappointed not to repeat they victory of last week but it was great experience for them. Next came G4 with St. Paul's, CRI and Hanover. G4 stepped it out like a canine with their nose into the wind. They strode past the boathouse towards the finish line with almost a boat length of open water. Coach Hurley's B3 was next on the schedule. With the relatively short racing season the boats are continuously developing week by week and every race is significantly different and our rivals are also growing with the season. But today was the day that Andover boys "clicked" B3 drove down the Merrimack like they owned the river, the coxswain not even showing the slightest concern at not being able to see the other boats because she was so far ahead. B3 finished up 12 seconds ahead of CRI who were ahead of St. Paul's. Our G3 had some tougher competition. In an upset to the expected form it was Hanover high who took the honor of leading down the river followed by CRI and our G3 preserving their honor by leading St. Paul's at the finish. On this day B2 brought it home and then some. They led down the course past the boathouse well in front of all the competition and finished 14 seconds ahead of St. Paul's who were ahead of CRI and Hanover. In fact our B2 was only 1.5 seconds slower than the St. Paul's B1. The G2 race was more like the competitions we have come to expect on the Merrimack. Andover and CRI broke away from St. Paul's and Hanover to have a private battle for the lead. As they past the boathouse you could feel the stress and tension of the rowers fighting to claw back a CRI lead. CRI held their own to win by 5 or 6 seats. Andover were several boat lengths of open water ahead of St. Paul's and Hanover


Getting Ready for their 1st Race



Click here for St Pauls_1
Click here for St Pauls_2
Click here for St Pauls_3

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Salisbury '09

We had a great day at Salisbury. The weather and the racing were superb. Andover won the B1, B2, B3 races. Our B4 came second to Brunswick and ahead of Salisbury, Our B5 was first ahead of our B6 who were ahead of Brunswick and Salisbury. Congratulations to all six boats for a wonderfull effort and exciting racing. This was the first ever race for many of the rowers in our lower boats. It was also a first for many of our coxswains who discovered the price of victory....being thrown into the lake.


Pete and Jerry -- the boat that keeps on winning


Happy first time racers


Idyllic Salisbury

Click here for more Salibury_1
Click here for more Salibury_2
Click here for more Salibury_3

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Lake Quinsigamond '09

Saturday was great day for Andover Crew. The strong breeze at Lake Quinsigamond blew away the winter cobwebs and the hard work of the last few weeks training started to show benefits. It was a fair day with smatterings of sunshine and rain. There was a cross wind and some choppy water towards the end of the course. The cross wind made floating starts with 6 rookie coxswain a little exciting. The idea is to have all the boats in line across a start line and pointing down the course. Sounds easy. But with a cross wind it takes a master coxswain to hold the water position while another boat moves into place.This year our 3rd and 4th boats seem unusually bubbly and eager for action. The B4 went off first. From the start they were up on the other boats and once they saw the open water in front of them they charged down the course like a horse with the bit between their teeth. They were all alone when the crossed the finish at 14 seconds ahead of Exeter. G4 followed this example almost to the letter and raced home 8 seconds ahead of their nearest rival. B3 was in for a tougher competition against Exeter, St John?s and Simsbury. This race was up for grabs until the finish line flag was dropped but Andover held their own and won by 4 seats. G3 had a less successful start and faced a formidable Exeter boat along with Simsbury, Boston Latin and Brookline. Andover managed to reach well ahead all the other boats except Exeter who displayed a very nice turn of speed. Still a 1:3 record is not bad. Our B2 was very confident coming off their victory over Kent last week. They looked very relaxed. They set off well from the start and tracked a straight line towards the finish. The others boats pushed to be competitive but B2 dominated at the finish with a lead of over 2 boat lengths. For some reason our G2 always seems to the happy boat and today was no exception. They were matched against a strong Exeter boat and a surprisingly strong Boston Latin boat. This was a real race with three boats vying to win in the last 500 meters. Our G2 took it at the finish with 1.5 seconds over Exeter and 3.5 seconds or a boat length over Boston Latin.The last boys' race was B1. They were disappointed in the loss margin to Kent last week. We knew they had the ability to do better.B1 took off with confidence and settled into a dominating rhythm, crunching through the water. NMH, Exeter and Simsbury were the competitive boats with Brookline and St. John's somewhere behind. B1 never looked anything but confident and composed. They dominated the race and came in 12 seconds over second placed NMH. Exeter came in fourth, 15 seconds behind Andover. The last race of the day was G1 who faced a strong Exeter boat. The G1 took off very well from the start and held a lead for the first 1000 meters but then Exeter kicked in with a strong sprint and clawed back the lead. Going to the finish line they were neck and neck exchanging the lead with each successive stroke. At the line the coxswains could not tell who was first. After 300 seconds and 1500 meters, the line judges eventually awarded it to Exeter by 4/10ths of second. A big improvement over last week. All in all a great day for Andover with 6 first places and 2 second places.


Sacrifice to the lake Gods


Mission Accomplished


Winning smile

For pictures of Saturday's races at Lake Quinsigamond go to
Click here for LakeQ_1
Click here for LakeQ_2

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April 11th Kent '09

We looked a little like a traveling band of gypsies with our bedraggled tents bridged with blue tarps to fend off the rain. The promised clear weather did not materialize until after the races. It was also a tough day for Andover boats. We knew Kent had been on the water for twice as long, we knew their river is small and meandering with patches of dead water but we still had hope. The G4 and B4 races were the first competitions of the day. For many of our young rowers, this was their first ever race for blue. Despite the cold and the rain these boats charged down the river with great gusto. They both stormed across the line ahead of Kent. This warmed the hearts of our damp supporters on the bank. The G3 and B3 races followed, again with great effort but sadly the Kent boats slipped across the line first. The weather was getting gradually better. The higher boats have more experienced coxswains and the races become more of a battle for position on the winding turns and patchy current. Our G2 had a tough race battling a strong determined Kent G2. Kent won the race by open water. B2 went up against the odds and bested the Kent boat. They were rowing long at about a 33. Our G1 battled hard down the river and made a rush for the line but could not hold Kent from a win by about 5 seats to capture the Hart Perry trophy for the first time. The last boys' race was the B1 competition for the Dent Oars. Andover had captured the Oars the last two visits to the Housatonic River. But this day on the battle field was not to be the day for Andover. In the middle of the race Kent pushed over into Andover's lane unhindered by referee interference and took the open water. Despite a final push towards the end, there was too much water to be reconquered.


Well Done


Hart Perry cup

For pictures go to Kent Pictures


Official Andover Spring Racing Schedule 2009 (How many boats depends the other school)
Date Day Team Opponent Site Time
11-Apr-2009 Sat Boys B1-B4 Kent Away Results
11-Apr-2009 Sat Girls G1-G4 Kent Away Results
18-Apr-2009 Sat Boys B1-B4 St. Johns,Simsbury,Exeter Away Results
18-Apr-2009 Sat Girls G1-G4 Simsbury,Exeter Away Results
22-Apr-2009 Wed Girls G4-G5 Groton Home 1.00 PM
25-Apr-2009 Sat Boys B1-B6 Salisbury/Brunswick Away Results
02-May-2009 Sat Boys B1-B6 St. Pauls Home Results *
02-May-2009 Sat Girls G1-G4 St. Pauls-Hanover HS Home Results
9-May-2009 Sat Boys B1-B6 Tabor-Exeter Home Results
9-May-2009 Sat Girls G1-G5 Tabor-Exeter Home Results
13-May-2009 Wed Boys B1-B? Belmont Home TBD
16-May-2009 Sat Boys B1-B4 N.M.H. Away Results
16-May-2009 Sat Girls G1-G4 N.M.H Away Results
23-May-2009 Sat Boys B1-B3 Interscholastics (NEIRA) Away 9.00 AM
23-May-2009 Sat Girls G1-G3 Interscholastics (NEIRA) Away 9.00 AM

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